Thursday, July 9, 2015

Find out More About this Book with Kindle for iOS


Amazon frequently updates its iPad and iPhone Kindle e-Reading app on a regular basis. Sadly, they do not really inform anyone on exactly what the new features bring to the table. Take the 4.10 update that was pushed out today, it says bug fixes, but there is some new features that people will want to check out.

There are two enhancements that are not earth shattering.

  • About This Book: Learn more about the book before you start reading, including the typical time it takes to read it, its place in a series, and info about the author.
  • Introduction to Study Features: Learn more about the study features in your print replica textbooks, including Flashcards, X-Ray for Textbooks and Notebook.

About this Book has been a fixture on the Kindle line of e-readers for quite awhile. This is the first time it has crossed over to the mobile space and it gives information on how long the average person takes to read the book and also tells you about the premise and the author.

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