Sunday, August 17, 2014

Flipboard Will be Displaying Video Advertisements in Digital Magazines


Flipboard is changing the way we consume and interact with news stories from all over the world. The company allows users to aggregate social feeds into a digital magazine. These magazines can be individual or shared with the wider community. Flipboard has started to hit critical mass with its 100 million registered users and 10 million digital magazines created by approximately 7 million people.

Launched in 2010, Flipboard was designed to be the world's first social magazine for the iPad, allowing users to create their own personal magazines by pulling in updates from Facebook and Twitter. They could also follow specific news sources and websites like Good e-Reader or Techcrunch. There was also an ability to key in your feeds, and read any online publication with a valid RSS Feed. Publishers soon caught on, with newspapers and magazines allowing Flipboard to access content from their social media stream and own websites.

On Wednesday night, during a fireside chat with ReadWrite  Flipboard  CEO Mike McCue revealed that video ads will be coming to its magazines, and Chanel will be one of the first brands with a reel. "The world of TV, and the world of print, these worlds are merging," he said. "We’re moving towards this … world where content can be atomized and reconstructed around interests or topics that someone's really passionate about."

Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo are all working towards video advertising platforms because they represent the next generation of revenue. Existing websites are often monetized by banner and skyscraper ads and they are crowding up web pages, publishers keep adding more and more stuff on the page. "The problem on the Web is that if you take a look at a website, the content is surrounded by all kinds of stuff, if you could turn off those banner ads, you would." said McCue.

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Twitter Now Shares Your Favourite Tweets


Many Twitter users employ the ability to mark a tweet as a favourite in one of two ways: some use it a a method of giving private kudos to the original author, while others like to save particularly good posts for later review. Regardless of your reason, you may have noticed that Twitter recently started sharing your favourites (along with details on who you are now following) on the timelines of your followers.

It isn’t really a big deal, other than now our Twitter feeds are a little more cluttered, but most people don’t like feeling like the rules can change unannounced.

Twitter isn’t responding to inquiries regarding their latest social experiment, but chances are good they aren’t sure whether they want to keep these new features yet –at least until they see whether it increases user engagement and ad revenue.

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Virgin America Crew Members Recieve Nexus 7s


Virgin America is equipping their employees with Nexus 7 tablets, so now when you want to order food using their food button located on the in-flight entertainment system, the order will be relayed directly. Nicknamed the CrewPad, these tablets compliment the 9-inch entertainment systems already in place and displayed in front of travelers (featuring a number of programming options).

Virgin America is a company proud to be ahead of the curve, but this adoption of tablets is just the next step toward mobile integration with the airline industry. It began a few years ago with a few airlines in Europe lending iPads to passengers interested in watching movies on-board, and is evolving so that others now offer an app that provides free access to movies on your own personal tablet (complete with a seat-bad holster to hold your device).

Pilots have also benefited from the use of tablets, with many of their flight manuals and other documents now available in digital format. It is nice that their load is lightened, but it also means searching, bookmarking, and referencing the text within those documents is more efficient.

Each of these uses makes sense, tablets are useful productivity tools that double as entertainment devices –making them perfect travel companions. Add to this the potential of interacting with the airlines themselves and suddenly they are even more valuable.

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