Saturday, May 16, 2015

Good e-Reader Introduces Paid Android and Blackberry Apps


The Good e-Reader Android and Blackberry App Store has been going strong for the last four years. There are over 40,000 apps and games currently available and users can download them via the web or via one of our many app clients, such as our Blackberry Playbook Store, Android App Store and even our Kids App Store. Today, we are proud to unveil the next step in our evolutionary growth, paid apps.

Paid apps was one of the missing pieces for the Good e-Reader App Store. Many users who have Kindle Fires or devices that do not have access to Google Play are consistently looking for an avenue to pay for quality content. The new system allows users to sign up for free account and pay for apps via credit card or PAYPAL securely via SSL with Paypal and Stripe. Any app a user downloads will be stored under “My Apps” for easy accessibility. Whenever an app requires an upgrade, you are instantly notified.


We have spent the last four months developing an entirely new developer portal and app upload system. This allows anyone who is actively making apps and games to submit them to the Good e-Reader App Store. Whenever an app is sold you are instantly notified with our extensive financial reporting tools. Developers can track purchases and other metadata that is critical to monitor success. Additionally, we also have added CSV support, so you can download your entire app sales history and check it out in Excel.

Developers can submit free and paid apps into one of our 65 app categories. When an app is sold, a developer earns 70% of the transaction and is payed at the end of the following month. This gives us a chance to make sure all the transactions are valid and to engage in possible refunds or fraud checks. Developers can rest assured that Good e-Reader handles all of the payment and customer service. All you have to do, is make sure your app is updated when new versions are released.

We also offer a free service that allows you to convert your existing Android App to a Blackberry compatible format for use on the Blackberry Playbook and any BB10 enabled device. You can use our free APK TO BAR Converter to test it internally and if you want to upload your Blackberry App, please contact us.

The App Payment system is only available on the Good e-Reader website and support to our entire line of apps will be implemented in the next few months. It is quite easy to register a free account (takes 15 seconds) and then purchase an app. Once the app is downloaded to your computer, you can simply connect your smartphone or tablet via USB cable and transfer the app to your device. Once its there, simply use any File Manager app to install the app. Alternatively, you can use the internet browser on your phone or tablet and install the paid apps that way. Just make sure your phone has Unknown Sources enabled in your Options/Security, so you can install apps from our market.


Paid apps is something we have been obsessing about for the last few years. We always wanted to offer something really compelling for both developers and users and for one reason or another it never panned out. This all changes today. The Developer Portal is open for new and existing app developers to upload your paid content. Simply register a free account by clicking on the top right hand corner, where it says register.

Check out some of our Paid Android Apps or Blackberry Apps from a few of our launch partners.

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Hoopla Adds eBooks & Comics to their Catalog


Hoopla has been around for  a number of years and currently they have a catalog of 15,000 audiobook titles. Hoopla deals with over 100 libraries in the US and charges no licensing fees with setting up the system, which is quite appealing to the average library. How does Hoopla make money? The company has employed the Pay Per Use model, which only charges the library when a specific title is checked out by a patron. In order to scale their business they have just announced they are now offering  e-books & digital comics.

Hoopla is currently offering 5,509 e-books and 579 comics from an assortment of publishers.  They currently don’t deal with any of the Big 5, so you won’t find anything from the New York Times bestseller list. Instead, the bulk of their e-books derive from Dundurn, Tyndale, Chicago Review, Rosetta and Orca.

It remains to be seen if this expanded catalog will appeal to libraries not doing business with Hoopla. I think it helps, but won’t be a deciding factor until they can offer e-books from major publishers and give a better value proposition than Overdrive, 3M or B&T.

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Overdrive Developing an Apple iWatch App


Overdrive is the largest tech company involved in the digital library space. Their audiobooks, e-books, music and video are in thousands of libraries all over the world. In order to take advantage of the brand new Apple iWatch, Overdrive is working on a new app.

There is no word yet on what types of features that will be available in the Overdrive app for iWatch. I do know that they want the watch to act as a controller for audiobooks. This will allow you to control the audio experience and be able to play, pause or stop the content. They also want to provide users with notifications when an e-book you reserved is available.

Right now Overdrive is in the development stage with their iWatch app. What types of features would you like to see in the app?

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