Friday, March 1, 2013

Pyrus Mini eBook Reader Review

Here’s the link to my Pyrus Mini review, which includes the usual written review and video review for an in-depth look, along with some pictures that compare it to the Kobo Mini and basic Kindle for size comparisons. Since most companies release new gadgets either in the summer or in the fall for the busy [...]

March 1, 1966: Probe Makes First Contact With Another Planet

1966: The Soviet probe Venera 3 successfully lands on the surface of Venus. It’s the first time anything man-made makes contact with an extraterrestrial surface beyond the Moon. The Soviet Union originally designed the vehicle to explore Mars, but repurposed three of them as Venera probes to visit Venus. In February 1966, Venera 2 managed [...]

March Marketing! Community Outreach Training with Just a Little Alliteration

Another month has come and gone. As February departs, so too do the hearts, Valentine's Day candy and (hopefully) the worst of the snowstorms that the Northern Hemisphere has been experiencing. It's time to bring out the Shamrock Shakes, corned beef and Irish jigs to prepare for spring.


With a new month comes the latest opportunity to learn new marketing ideas by signing up for our live Community Outreach training on Thursday, March 7th at 12:00 (ET). Be sure to join us for this monthly opportunity to hear about creative and cost-effective ways to connect with your patrons.


Whether you're looking for ways to connect with your users in the library, the community or online, we'll be able to offer some outside of the box solutions that are sure to reach your audience. Be sure to sign up today before the session fills up. I look forward to seeing you Thursday!


Adam Sockel is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive.


Make March Your Month with Dummies


Throughout the month of March, we’re turning “I can’t” into “I can” by offering 30-percent off over 2,000 eBooks in the popular “For Dummies’”series from John Wiley. Since 1991, this widely recognized reference brand has helped people throughout the world conquer their goals whether it be learning how to give a stellar presentation to improving your golf swing.


Within this expansive collection, you can find titles to help you learn a new instrument, prepare for a college entrance exam, plan your own wedding, practice a foreign language, or teach your old dog a new trick. For the extra ambitious type, try the “In a Day” series which offers focused, on-the-go instruction.


Check out a Dummies book and tell us what you plan to accomplish in the month of March!


For a full list of “Dummies” titles on sale, login to Content Reserve.


Annie Suhy is a Merchandising Specialist at OverDrive.