Thursday, July 9, 2015

Free Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3 Contest


Amazon has just released a new e-reader and it goes by many names. Some people are referring to it as the 7th generation Kindle, while Amazon has dubbed it the all new Kindle Paperwhite, while still others are calling it the Paperwhite 3. We currently have one of these bad boys and are running a contest where you can win it!

The main selling point of the Kindle Paperwhite 3 is that it has the same e-ink screen and high resolution display as the Kindle Voyage. It also features the brand new font Amazon designed for e-readers, Bookerly. It is lightly used and only in our studio for the purpose of a review video.

What do you have to do to win? You have to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and leave a comment on the video that you have done so. Alternatively, if you have subscribed in the past you could follow us on our new Twitch Channel! We stream live every night playing League of Legends and various other games.

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