Tuesday, June 12, 2012

OverDrive and Nokia Reading

Earlier this month, Nokia began the roll-out of Nokia Reading, an eReading app and service for Nokia's Lumia 900, 800, 710, and 610 Windows Phone devices. Nokia Reading will offer popular eBooks in local languages to readers in established and emerging eBook markets. OverDrive's global reach and extensive catalog made us a natural partner for the fulfillment of Nokia Reading titles as the service expands from the UK and Russia to Spain, Germany, Italy, France and beyond.

By offering local language titles, Nokia hopes to drive and develop interest in eReading in places where eBooks may not yet be popular or widely available. Readers that use Nokia Reading will also have access to today's bestselling titles in English, including international hits like "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and thousands of classic titles.

For Nokia, the development of the Reading app was about capturing the way readers engage with books. As Nokia Reading lead designer Tim Geoghegan said on the Nokia Conversations blog, "We realised early on that people were more likely to 'snack' on a phone-based book. They'll most likely use it for shorter periods of time: while they're on the bus or waiting for their kids to come out of school, for example. But it should be an immersive reading experience, nonetheless."

For OverDrive, supporting that immersive experience means seamless delivery of the world's best content through Nokia Reading. Our experience delivering content to every corner of the globe provided the backbone necessary to support a company of Nokia's scale.

We’re excited to support the eBook market with Nokia, but we don't stop at eBooks. OverDrive currently handles fulfillment of all forms of digital content, including digital audiobooks, video and music to libraries, schools and booksellers in 20 countries and 52 languages. If you're looking to find a supply channel for digital content, we want to hear from you. Contact retailpartnerservices@overdrive.com for more information.