Saturday, August 2, 2014

Outdoor Reading Test – Kindle Paperwhite 2 vs Kindle Fire HDX 7


When it comes to reading outdoors an e-reader often gives you a superior experience, due to the glare free screen. There is a lot of contention on what gives you the better eBook experience, a tablet or e-reader. Today, we give you a solid video comparison pitting the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 Android tablet and the Kindle Paperwhite 2. This really should really solve the age old question, what device is better for outdoor reading?

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Outdoor Reading Test – Kindle Paperwhite 2 vs Kobo Aura


One  of the big advantages of an e-reader is the fact that you can have a glare free experience while reading in the sunlight.  Unlike a smartphone or tablet, you don’t always need to be hunting around for shade. Today,  Good e-Reader is proud to unveil our first daytime reading test so show you how the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2 and Kobo Aura perform. This video should give an indication on how these two devices perform head to head.

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Why is the Kindle DX Shipping Date So Far Away?

As a few commenters have pointed out over the past couple of months, the international Kindle DX is no longer available for immediate shipment from Amazon—it now has an expected ship date 2 to 4 months away. For a device that has been seemingly discontinued (twice), that long of a shipping delay makes no sense […]

Sony PRS-T2 Drop Test


Sony is known for their high build quality when it comes to consumer electronics.  Their e-readers have been wildly successful and despite the fact they closed the Reader Store, many people are still using them on a daily basis. Exactly how durable is the PRS product line when it comes to daily life? Today, we find out!

The Sony PRS-T2 is very similar to the T1 and T3. This makes it a fairly effective benchmark to see if it sustains any damage through our drop tests. We test it from the 3 foot mark, to simulate the quintessential pocket miss. Then, we drop it from the five foot mark on its back, side and directly on its screen. Undoubtedly you have seen people rock broken iPhones in  public, but seldom an e-reader. Does the Sony survive?

As an added bonus we drop it from the 15 foot mark. Why? You might be slamdunking a basketball and decide you want to read or maybe you live on the second floor and drop it off  your balcony. Finally, most of us have run stuff over in the yard with the car in the morning. Kids leave their toys out, the briefcase is on top of the car as you pull away. What happens to the Sony if it’s RUN over with a car?

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Brings Celebrity Fun to Android


Even if you have no idea why she is famous, you would have to be living under a rock to to avoid hearing about Kim Kardashian. If you are dying to know how she became an A-list celebrity, playing the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game for Android will guide you through all of the steps you need to succeed.

There is no end to the cheese factor with this game. You begin by creating your star-to-be (male or female) and kustomize (misspelling intended) your hair, clothing, and makeup until you feel you are red carpet ready. From there you befriend Kim, who acts as your mentor as you try to impress her into giving you the advice you will need to take over cities like LA, New York City, and Miami.

The interface is strangely addictive, but it’s also a little juvenile. The game tells you everything you need to do, moments before you do it –so there really isn’t any thought required in order to play. A young teenager is likely the ideal demographic for this title.

If you are curious enough to give Kim Kardiasian: Hollywood a try, download it now for free.

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