Thursday, August 27, 2015

Barnes and Noble has Two New Nook e-Readers


Barnes and Noble has two new e-readers that they will formally announce them in the next week. The first is a six inch device and the second has a much larger eight inch e-ink screen.

Details are this point are sparse because the FCC report keeps most specs close to the vest. What we do know is the six inch variant is going to replace the existing Nook Glowlight that was released in 2013.  The eight inch edition is much more compelling, it is the first time that Barnes and Noble has ever deviated from the six inch formula and will give readers a much larger screen to read e-books.

Barnes and Noble has admitted to me on many occasions that they will likely be abandoning making tablets and will instead focus on software and e-readers. I am very exited that in the next week we will see a formal unveiling and Good e-Reader will be reviewing the two models ASAP.

40,000 Audiobooks Now Available on TuneIn Premium


If you have an Android or iOS device and listen to the radio, you are likely familiar with TuneIn. The company has been around since 2002 and has over 100,000 radio networks available. Recently the company has expanded to offer a Premium service for $8.99 per month that give you play-by-play from every MLB and Barclays Premier League game, all season long in addition to 40,000 audiobooks.

Findaway, formally Findaway World is a major player in the audiobook industry. Their platform powers  everyone from the 3M Cloud Library  to Nook Audiobooks.  Their latest contract with TuneIn signed last week will be a boon to anyone that wants an unlimited number of audiobooks to listen to on a monthly basis.

TuneIn Premium might be the only game left in town with an extensive catalog of audiobook content. Recently Scribd axed their unlimited program, because customers were listening to so many audio editions that the company was losing money.

Issue #37 of The MagPi, the official Rapsberry Pi magazine, is out now!

The second print edition of The MagPi is here and this month our cover feature is all about digital home automation!

Click to see the latest issue and admire Sam Alder's amazing artwork!

Click to see the latest issue and download your Creative Commons PDF

UK readers can buy it today in newsagents & WHSmiths and US readers can buy the previous issue in Barnes & Noble or MicroCenter.

Buy now from the Raspberry Pi Swag Store

Call +44(0)1202 586848 or visit The MagPi Subscriptions site.

Take a closer look at what's inside this issue

Click for a closer look at what’s inside this issue

Highlights from #37: 

  • The Raspberry Pi digital home
  • Stream to your PC
  • Build a computer vision sequencer
  • Make a fridge monitor
  • The Fallout Pip-Boy
  • Pi in the movies
  • Cool beats with Sonic Pi
  • and much more!


Another new face!
Barely a month seems to have gone by recently without an announcement about an exciting new appointments. Well here’s one more: Rob Zwetsloot.

Rob has joined us in the role of Features Editor fresh from a long stint as a staffer on Linux User & Developer magazine.

Rob Zwetsloot is The MagPi's new Features Editor

Rob Zwetsloot is The MagPi’s new Features Editor

He’s got some great ideas for the magazine, though his mission right now is to find yet more writing talent hidden in the Raspberry Pi community. If you have an article or idea you’d like to see featured in the magazine you can reach him via

By the way, if you’re unsure how to pronounce his surname (it’s Dutch), just vocalise the sound that the TurboLift doors make in Star Trek: TNG (at least that’s what I do).

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