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Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week – July 11


Welcome to another utterly beloved segment of the Good e-Reader Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week! Every week close to 45,000 new Android apps are submitted to major app stores and this makes app discovery a bit of a pain. Today, we look at the best new ones that you should know about.

Guess The Emoji – Are you ready for a guessing game like none other?! Guess The Emoji will entertain you for hours! Our new kid and family friendly game tests your logic and reasoning skills to solve simple (and sometimes hard!) Emoji Puzzles! You'll be presented with a screen displaying some emojis – what is it that these emoticons are describing?! Can you guess them all?

LINE Selfie Sticker – LINE Selfie Sticker, the first-ever official sticker making app from LINE is here! From the cute and cuddly LINE characters to career-driven independent women, this app has it all! Cheerleaders, Wedding, Pirates, monsters, and more – with over 130 free character templates to choose from, you'll find yourself using this app over and over again.

Disney Bola Soccer – Do you have what it takes to WIN? Play solo or against your friends in this ultimate soccer adrenaline rush and prove that you're the champ!

Fit the Fat - Master your skills in this fun new game and help this fat guy lose weight by jumping the rope. Fit the Fat is very simple: tap and jump the rope. You will get fit and the rope will get fast.

Super Écran GO – With Super Screen GO, enjoy instant and unlimited access to over 300 hours of premium content in high definition, anytime, anywhere! Access a database of more than 150 films including hits Hollywood, acclaimed Canadian productions, as well as exclusive series including the prestigious series HBO and showtime. Super Screen GO is accessible from your phone or tablet.

Tempo Mania - Simple yet addictive music game! Are you tempo master? Experience the exciting game and enjoy the music at the same time!

Sonic Jump Fever – Catch the FEVER in an explosive race against the clock! Compete with Sonic and friends in high-speed bursts of vertical jumping mayhem. FREE and based on SEGA's hit Sonic Jump. Prove you are the best. Rack up huge combos to blast past your friends' high scores. Use boosters, upgrades, unique character abilities to maximize your score. Then kick into overdrive with Fever Mode and hit the top of the Leaderboard!

Tour de France Live – 2014 – The 2014 Tour de France will be the 101st edition of the Tour de France. The 2014 Tour de France starts in Leeds on Saturday, July 5 and finishes in Paris on Sunday, July 27.

Commandr for Google Now - Now you can use Google Now to control your flashlight, toggle settings, control music playback, and much more!

Theftie – Find my phone – Theftie: lock, locate, track, rescue data on your lost phone, stolen phone or misplaced Android, and takes thief’s selfie when suspects. A great feature of Theftie is its ability to send your data to your Google Drive in case you lost your phone.

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70% of Apps Do Not get Downloaded


Apple currently has 1,252,777 apps in the App Store and close to 60,000 are added per month. The sheer number of apps and games available severely hampers the discovery experience. Due to this fact research firm Adjust has found that 70% of apps do not get downloaded and are normally removed or do not show up in any of the app lists.

A staggering number of apps simply don’t appear in any position one
of the 39,171 App Store top lists on at least two out of three days over
the evaluation period of one month. Adjust found that in June 2014 79.6% of apps went undownloaded, which equates to 937,387 apps out of 1,197,087 in the entire store.

The problem with dead apps is that they normally are relegated to never being discovered and there are little to no options for developers to get people to organically find and install their content.

So what happens to apps and games that never show up on any app lists? Some just languish in obscurity and others get pulled down. The apps that get pulled often stem from Apple or the developer. Apple tends to suspend apps that breach their terms of service or are otherwise clones of popular ones.

Google Play and Apple tend to be the most popular platforms for app distribution. Given both ecosystems have over one million apps you can see how the discovery process can be hampered by the sheer weight of new ones added every single week. Something has to be said for smaller stores that emphasize curation and editorial content. Amazon and Good e-Reader are two that tend to keep their app numbers low, but put a priority on discovery and ROI.

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Onyx Midia inkPhone Unboxing


The Onyx inkPhone is the first single screen smartphone to utilize the same e-paper technology found on the Amazon Kindle. The hyping factors behind this new device is the long battery life and the fact you can download apps from Google Play.

The inkPhone has been delayed many times before it became available last week. Onyx went back to the drawing board to implement e-Ink Mobius e-Paper, which is the same display that powers the Sony 13.3 e-Reader.

Today, we unbox the Onyx inkPhone and show you everything that comes with it. Additionally we do a first time bootup so you can get a sense on the app that ship with it and the core functionality.

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Weekly eHighlights: Kids and teens



Welcome to this month's eHighlights newsletter for kids and teens. Check back on the second Thursday of every month for a new edition listing some of the best new youth titles added to OverDrive's Marketplace. The featured titles below are some of the best picks, but click on the link to see these and even more great purchases conveniently placed for you in a Marketplace cart.

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Picture Books


Kathi Appelt & illus. by Marc Rosenthal – Mogie: The Heart of the House– Ages 4-8
Simon & Schuster eBook with audio

Based on the true story of Mogie, a Labradoodle with a special talent as a hospital service dog. Prepare to have your heart warmed. Includes audio. Appelt is a Newbery honoree.


Brian Floca – Five TrucksAges 4-8
Simon & Schuster eBook with audio

Floca shows five different trucks and show just what they do behind the scenes at an airport. Includes audio. An Amazon Best Book of the Month.


Kelly DiPucchio & illus. by Christian Robinson – Gaston– Ages 4-8
Simon & Schuster eBook with audio

Gaston fits right in with his poodle sisters Fi-Fi, Foo-Foo, and Ooh-La-La. Their manners are perfect and they are always quite proper. But then they meet a bulldog family at the park and find that there has been a mix-up. Will Gaston fit in with Bruno, Rocky and Ricky? Includes audio. NYT bestselling author.


Bob Staake – My Pet BookAges 3-7
Random House eBook

The boy decides that books make perfect pets, and chooses a bright red one. But when the book goes missing, a lively adventure ensues.


Fiction for Early Readers


David A. Adler & Susanna Natti – Young Cam Jansen and the Goldfish MysteryAges 5-8

Cam, her best friend, Eric, and her aunt Molly win two goldfish at the local fair. When the goldfish go missing, Cam must use her amazing photographic memory to solve the mystery.


Dan Gutman & illus. by Jim Paillot – Miss Klute Is a Hoot– Ages 6-10
HarperCollins eBook

The reading scores at Ella Mentry School are way down, so Mr. Macky has decided to hire a special new helper to whip the kids into shape–Miss Klute, a Labradoodle! My Weirder School series, Book 11. 60,000 print run.


Tad Hills – Drop It, Rocket!Ages 6-9
Random House eBook

Rocket is the beloved dog from the NYT bestselling picture books by Hills. Now Rocket is learning to read, and kids will learn right along with him in this leveled reader.


Mary Pope Osborne & Sal Murdocca – Magic Treehouse: A Perfect Time for Pandas– Ages 7-9
Random House eBook

Time-traveling brother-and-sister team Jack and Annie have to find a certain kind of food–the fourth thing needed to save Merlin’s beloved penguin, Penny. The magic tree house whisks them off to a village in the mountains of southeast China, close to a world-famous panda reserve, but they’ve arrived on the day of a historic earthquake! Can they save the pandas? Book 48 in the bestselling series.


Eileen Spinelli & Anne Kennedy – Miss Fox's Class Earns a Field TripAges 5-8
Open Road Integrated Media eBook

Now the students want to go to Roller Coaster Planet—and they are determined to earn the money for their trip. But each fund-raising attempt ends in disaster involving Percy P. Possum, the school’s visiting author. As the class pays to repair the various mishaps they cause, soon their earnings are going down, not up! Readers will follow the class adventures and learn a little math along the way.


N. D. Wilson – Ninja Boy Goes to SchoolAges 6-9
Random House eBook

It's time for kindergarten, and a young ninja uses his skills to survive the challenges.


Middle Grades Fiction


Andrew Clements – The Map TrapAges 8-12
Simon & Schuster eBook

Alton Barnes loves maps. He loves to read them, and draw them, because maps contain more information than just locations. He draws regular maps, but also maps of what he thinks of his friends, and teachers, and the principal. When his maps are stolen from his locker, he could be in big trouble. 125,000 print run.


Chris Colfer – The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning – Ages 8-12
Hachette eBook and Blackstone audiobook

Conner Bailey thinks his fairy-tale adventures are behind him—until he discovers a mysterious clue left by the famous Brothers Grimm. He sets off on a mission across Europe to crack a two-hundred-year-old code. Meanwhile, his twin Alex is training to become the next Fairy Godmother … but her attempts at granting wishes never go as planned. 250,000 print run.


Tara Dairman – All Four StarsAges 8-12
Penguin eBook

Gladys has been cooking gourmet dishes since the age of seven, though her fast-food-loving parents have no idea. Now she’s eleven, and after a crème brûlée accident (just a small fire), Gladys is cut off from the kitchen (and her allowance). She’s devastated, but soon finds the perfect opportunity when she’s mistakenly contacted to write a restaurant review for one of the largest newspapers in the world. But to meet her deadline and keep her dream job, Gladys must cook her way into the heart of her sixth-grade archenemy and sneak into New York City—all while keeping her identity a secret. An Amazon Best Middle Grade Book of the Month.


Lisa Fiedler & illus. by Vivienne To – Mouseheart- Ages 8-12
Simon & Schuster eBook and audiobook

An epic animal adventure set in the subway tunnels of Brooklyn. Sword-wielding rats, feline palace guards, and rebel mice are just a few of the characters in this, the first book in a new series being called a cross between Redwall and the Warrior series. An Amazon Best Book of the Month.


Shannon Hale – Fire and IceAges 8-12
Scholastic eBook and audiobook

Only Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan, supported by the gifts of their legendary spirit animals, have the power to defeat an evil takeover. They follow a lead to the frozen north, but the Conquerors are right behind them. NY Times bestselling Spirit Animals series Book 4. 250,000 print run.


Caryn Jenner – In the Shadow of the VolcanoAges 8-12
Dorling Kindersley eBook

Rosa Carelli, a volcanologist, and her son are caught up in a drama as the volcano she is studying re-awakens. The mayor is reluctant to cancel the village festival despite Rosa’s warnings of an imminent eruption. Will he and the other villagers escape before the explosive volcano and a pyroclastic flow cause havoc? Photos and illustrations abound in this adventure, which manages to entertain while also including facts about volcanos.


Gordon Korman – Memory MazeAges 9-12
Scholastic eBook

Jackson Opus and his family have been forced into hiding and changing their family name after Jax, who was born with powers to hypnotize, refuses to help the evil Dr. Mako rig an election.


Havelock McCreely – My Zombie Hamster– Ages 8-12
Random House eBook

Laugh out loud funny, with a scary twist. Matt and his buddies are looking forward to receiving the latest sword-and-fantasy video game for Christmas. But Matt’s parents give him a hamster called Snuffles instead. And his grandmother makes it worse by giving him a hamster cage and wheel. But the hamster isn’t all that cute–at least not after part of its cheek and belly fall right off–without bothering it a bit! And why is it staring at Matt with black beady eyes and a lean and hungry look? An Amazon Best Middle Grade Book of the Month.


Kate Messner – ManhuntAges 8-12
Scholastic eBook

Henry, Anna, and Jose, junior members of the Silver Jaguar Society, travel to Paris to help solve an international art theft, they find that the senior members of the Society have gone missing, and they need to solve the mystery on their own. Silver Jaguar Mystery Series, Book 3. An Amazon Best Middle Grade Book of the Month.


Rachel Renée Russell – Dork Diaries Tales from a Not-So-Glam TV StarAges 9-13
Simon & Schuster eBook

A reality TV crew is following Nikki and her friends as they record their hit song together, and there are voice lessons, dance practice, and little sister Brianna’s latest wacky hijinks. Will all the excitement cause new problems for Nikki and Brandon, now that cameras are everywhere Nikki goes? And will Nikki and Brandon finally get their first kiss in this installment? 1,000,000 print run.The Dork Diaries series has more than 13 million copies in print worldwide.


Jude Watson – Loot: How to Steal a Fortune– Ages 8-12
Scholastic eBook and audiobook

In Amsterdam, a man falls from a rooftop to the wet pavement below. It’s Archibald McQuinn, the notorious cat burglar, and he’s dying. Archie manages to get out two last words to his young son, March: “Find jewels.” But March learns that his father is not talking about hidden loot. He’s talking about Jules, the twin sister March never knew he had. When the siblings are sent to the world's worst orphanage, they decide to escape, pull off one last heist, and live happily ever after. Kirkus starred review.


Tom Watson – Stick Dog Chases PizzaAges 8-12
HarperCollins eBook

Stick Dog returns with the same crazy crew of canine friends as in the first two books in this popular series. When the gang discovers that they like pizza even better than hot dogs and hamburgers, they're on a mission. But first, they have to plan, and there's a kitten to rescue, and the messiest game of catch ever. 100,000 print run.




Adi Alsaid – Let's Get LostTeens
Harlequin eBook

Leila's on a road trip in her bright red car, and along the way, she helps Hudson understand what he really wants, runaway Bree reunite with family, Eliot negotiate a broken heart and a crazy prom, and Sonia understand that after her boyfriend's death she can love again. Leila is a bottomless well of kindness, as one character says, and she finally learns that it's time to go home. A hot galley at BEA.


Jodi Lynn Anderson – The Vanishing SeasonTeens
HarperCollins eBook and audiobook



Cassandra Clare – City of Heavenly FireTeens
Simon & Schuster eBook and audiobook

The spellbinding, seductive conclusion to the #1 New York Times bestselling Mortal Instruments series.
Darkness has descended on the Shadowhunter world. Chaos and destruction overwhelm the Nephilim as Clary, Jace, Simon, and their friends, band together to fight the greatest evil they have ever faced. Romantic Times Most Anticipated YA Books of 2014. Goodreads Can't Wait Books of 2014 #1. BookPage: Most Anticipated Children’s and Teen Books of 2014. 2,000,000 print run.

Katherine Howe – ConversionTeens
Penguin eBook and audiobook

It's senior year in a high performing private girls' school, and the pressure is intense. Then, one by one, girls begin to exhibit bizarre tics and behaviors. Is it a disease? Pollution? Psychological? Then one of the students finds that their town is built on what used to be Salem Village. Based on true events of the 17th century. PW starred review. 200,000 print run. From the New York Times bestselling author of The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane.


E. Lockhart – We Were LiarsTeens
Random House eBook and Books on Tape audiobook

This stunning mystery has a shocking twist at the end that will make you want to talk about it with friends—but don't spoil the ending! Wall Street Journal: "a novel so twisty and well-told that it will appeal to older readers as well as adolescents." A beautiful and distinguished family for whom keeping up appearances is everything. A private island. A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy. A group of four friends–the Liars–whose friendship turns destructive. A revolution. An accident. A secret. Lies upon lies. True love. The truth.A NY Times bestseller. Booklist Starred Review. An Amazon Best Book of the Month. Mashable: Top 24 Summer Books 2014. Lockhart is a National Book Award finalist and a Printz Award nominee.


Morgan Matson – Since You've Been GoneTeens
Simon & Schuster eBook

Before Sloane, Emily didn't go to parties, she barely talked to guys, and she didn't do anything crazy. Enter Sloane, social tornado and the best kind of best friend—someone who yanks you out of your shell.
But right before what should have been an epic summer, Sloane disappears. No note. No calls. No texts. There's just a random to-do list with thirteen bizarre tasks that Emily would never try. But what if they can lead her to Sloane? An Amazon Best Book of the Month.


Dana Reinhardt – We Are the GoldensTeens
Random House eBook

Nell worships her older sister, Layla. They’re one unit, intertwined: Nellayla. As Nell and her best friend, Felix, start their freshman year in high school, on Layla’s turf, Nell looks forward to joining Layla on the varsity soccer team, parties, boys, adventures. But Layla is changing, withdrawing. She’s hiding something, and when Nell discovers what it is, and the consequences it might have, she struggles to decide whether to keep the secret or try to get Layla some help. An Amazon Best Teen & YA Book of the Month.


John Sandford & Michele Cook – UncagedTeens
Random House eBook and Books on Tape audiobook

In the middle of the night, young activists sneak into a medical research facility and free thousands of mutilated animals, and Odin, the most tech savvy, also takes a bag of encrypted thumb drives. Now the security forces are after him, and his sister Shay, with her posse of friends, is determined to rescue him.

Singular Menace series Book 1. Booklist Starred review. 200,000 print run.


Margaret Stohl – IconsTeens
Hachette eBook and Blackstone audiobook

Dol, Ro, Tima, and Lucas are the four Icon Children, the only humans immune to the Icon’s power to stop a human heart. In order to stop the alien Icons, the children must destroy 13 different Icons, but they are on the run after destroying the first one. And there just may be a fifth child. Icon series Book 2. 100,000 print run.


Anna Schumacher – End TimesTeens
Penguin eBook

When life in Detroit becomes too hard to bear, Daphne flees to her Uncle Floyd’s home in Carbon County, Wyoming, but instead of solace she finds chaos. When she steps off the bus, trumpets blare, the townsfolk declare that the End Times are here, and she may be the only person who can read the signs and know the truth. Kirkus: "The author provides a fascinating reimagining of the rapture accessible to both religious and secular readers alike." First in a series by this debut author, who has an MFA in writing. An Amazon Best Book of the Month.




Mari & Roshin Ono – Origami for Children: 35 Step-By-Step ProjectsAges 7 and up
Perseus eBook

The perfect introduction to origami, the fun Japanese papercraft for parents and children of all ages. Divided into six sections, the projects cover a range of themes, from classic origami designs such as animals to party decorations and modern vehicles. Every stage is described in a series of clear step-by-step photographs.


Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce, & Sal Murdocca – Pandas and Other Endangered Species: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Treehouse #48Ages 7-9
Random House eBook

This companion book to A Perfect Time for Pandas (see above), answers questions that kids may have after reading the adventures of Annie and Jack. What do pandas eat? Why are snow leopards scarce? Filled with illustrations, facts, and photos. A Magic Treehouse Fact Tracker.


Jordan Romero & Linda LeBlanc – No Summit Out of Sight: The Story of the Youngest Person to Climb the Seven SummitsAges 12 and up
Simon & Schuster eBook

At age 13, Jordan Romero became the youngest person to have ever climbed Mt. Everest. At 15, he conquered the Seven Summits—the tallest mountains on each of the seven continents. Now, at 17, Jordan tells his story. 75,000 print run.


Larry Verstraete – Life or Death: Surviving the Impossible – Ages 9-12
Scholastic eBook

Over 30 incredible true stories of survivors who found creative ways to beat impossible odds. A slave in mid-1800s North Carolina squeezes into a 2′ x 3′ box and has friends mail him to freedom in Philadelphia. A doctor injects 8,000 Polish Jews with a substance that makes it appear they have typhus, getting them sent into quarantine instead of to death camps. Apollo 13 astronauts use duct tape, a hose, and other spare parts to fix failed machinery and bring their spacecraft safely home.


Robert E. Wells – Can You Count to a Googol?Ages 5-8
Open Road Integrated Media eBook

The author explores the wonderful world of zeros and tells how the googol came to be named.


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*Geographical rights may vary by title.


Wattpad Acquires Traditional Author Community Red Room

Wattpad announced a new acquisition to its growing family, this time in the form of traditionally published author community Red Room. Not to be confused with the reference from Fifty Shades of Grey, Red Room served as a bridge to connect readers and authors in a space that welcomed discussion surrounding books.

With this acquisition, Wattpad welcomes the Red Room readers and authors to its 30 million member site, increasing not only the membership but the scope of authors who participate in writing and discussing on Wattpad.

"When I launched Red Room in 2008 I wanted to break down the walls between readers and writers. I'm thrilled Red Room authors have found a new home in a friendly and supportive global community," said Red Room CEO and Editor-in-Chief Ivory Madison in a press release.

"Wattpad welcomes writers from all walks of life. By welcoming Red Room authors, we will further diversify the community and solidify our position as the best place to read and share stories across every genre," said Wattpad Co-founder and CEO Allen Lau.

Red Room’s members can automatically migrate their accounts over to Wattpad and join the community instantly, seeking out new readers and new book discussions as they also post and share their work with the users who spend a combined 6 billion minutes a month reading on Wattpad. The site, which sees an additional 200,000 stories posted each day, fosters this sense of community that Red Room was initially created for.

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Software Update for Onyx Boox T68 Fixes Touchscreen, Adds Refresh Shortcut

Today I was pleased to find a software update available for the Onyx Boox T68 Lynx. The update seems to have fixed most of the touchscreen issues—the accuracy is much better now and so is responsiveness. Onyx also added the ability to force a full page screen refresh by holding down the menu button—it works […]

Forbes: Amazon Dispute Not About Money

Despite the hordes of critics who have verbally assaulted Amazon for its greed in the Hachette dispute, an article for Forbes today demonstrated the outcome of the current contract negotiation holds a certain percentage of Amazon’s revenue in the balance. How much is that revenue? Around eleven million dollars.

As in, 0.014% of its total $78billion business.

Apple was criticized for not taking the judge’s ruling lying down when it came time to a $200+ million verdict against it in the DOJ ebook pricing fixing lawsuit, despite the fact that the amount was less than one percent of its cash on hand. The critics argued that Apple has already spent far more than that amount in legal fees, but the tech giant claims that it’s not about the money, it’s about the guilty ruling.

If Apple will fight for $200 million and some change just on principle, then Amazon’s fight for $11 million is equally important, except that Amazon is fighting for its customers, not its drop in the bucket. Once the door opens with Hachette to dictate its own terms, terms that will block Amazon from offering its titles to readers at a discount, then that same door is thrown open even wider for other publishers to follow suit. Eventually, the retail book market will be a landscape where even lower-priced ebooks are a luxury item that consumers can no longer afford.

Amazon’s recent request to support Hachette’s authors in what is arguably a difficult situation for them by offering the authors 100% of the sales price of their books has yet to be agreed upon.

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Crowdfunding Websites: Fundraising with a Twist

Want to bring an idea or product to life? Trying to raise funds for your organization or project? A crowdfunding site might be what you're looking for.

Embedded samples and digital discovery

Earlier this month at the ALA Annual Conference, we demonstrated OverDrive eBook embedded samples on websites like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. The purpose of these partnerships is to continue to drive new patrons to the library through discovery of the eBooks you provide. Our embedded samples can be placed on any website, social media page, or blog to provide users the ability to begin reading a title they may be interested in and then be directed to their library's digital collection to borrow the title.

These samples aren't only meant to be used by popular news and entertainment websites, though. You can use them on your library pages and blogs to draw attention to your digital offerings as well. By searching for titles on, you can access embed codes for our eBooks that can be used to increase the visibility of your full collection. We've also created a simple guide on how to use the embed codes to get you started.

Step 1: Click on the Share symbol:


Step 2: Copy and paste the embed code into your website editor.


The samples are fully responsive, meaning they will adjust themselves to fit screen sizes, and are compatible in most browsers. Once embedded, the samples are readable right within your website. When a patron reaches the end of the sample, they are provided links to find the title at their library or share the sample with their friends on social media. Some great examples of how to use these samples include creating a Pinterest board of Recommended Reads, or featuring an "eBook of the day" on your library blog.

Embedded samples provide patrons the opportunity to peruse a title before deciding to check it out, mimicking the familiar experience they have as they walk up and down the aisles of your library.

Another way eBook samples are driving readers to the library website? Bing’s search engine. Check this out, below!


When searching a title in Bing, an option to read a sample appears in the informational sidebar if the title is available through OverDrive. The user can read an excerpt, and they are even given the option to borrow the eBook directly from a library near them.

See an example of an embedded sample below, and start sharing with your patrons today!




Adam Sockel is a Marketing Communication Specialist at OverDrive.

Bare-metal Tetris duel

A couple of weeks ago, we featured a first-year undergraduate project from Imperial College in London: a bare-metal port of StarFox to the Raspberry Pi. It’s stupendously good; even more so when you realise that the people behind it are 18 and 19 years old.

I discovered that a second group from the very same class has another bare-metal doozy of a gaming project running on the Pi: head-to-head Tetris.

The team says you’re seeing:

- 4000 lines of documented ARM assembly code
- Optimised driver for a NES controller connected via GPIO
- Asynchronous networking for two Pis connected via GPIO
- Doubly buffered rendering logic for HDMI output
- Custom ARMv6 assembler written from scratch in C (released as binary only.

What’s in the water down in South Kensington? I don’t think we’ve seen this much assembly language since…this time last year, when we found an Imperial College bare-metal chess project.

Everything you need to replicate the Tetris setup is available at GitHub. Thanks to Han Qiao, Piotr Chabierski, Michał Sienkiewicz
and Utsav Tiwary for a really lovely piece of work.