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Onyx Boox T68 Lynx Vs Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2


The Onyx Boox Lynx is the latest generation e-reader and was just released in the last few weeks. This device pioneers the concept of open Android and has Google Play preloaded on it. Today, we compare the core reading experience between the T68 and the Kindle Paperwhite 2.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2 features a six inch e-Ink display screen with a resolution of 1024×768. The front-lit display has received a small upgrade and gives a better illumination experience then the previous model. One of the neat little features is a software enhancement called "Max" which instantly brings the brightness level to the maximum. Underneath the hood is a 1GHZ processor and 256 MB of RAM. There is 2 GB of internal storage and the majority of your content will be held in the cloud

The Lynx e-reader is very much akin to the Kobo Aura HD, in terms of specs. It features a 6.8 e-Ink capacitive Ultra HD EPD display screen and a resolution of 1440×1080 pixels. Underneath the hood is a Freescale i.MX Cortex A9 1.0GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. Books are stored on the device and has 4GB of internal storage with the option to increase it via the Micro SD Card up to 64GB.

In the following video review we look at the e-reading experience, main menu and everything that makes these devices unique. If you are in the market for the latest generation eBook Reader, you don’t want to miss this.

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Global Crackdown on Pirate Textbooks Continues


There is a global crackdown on organized crime manufacturing illegal student textbooks. A few weeks ago police raided a few locations in Madrid and Seville, seizing 10 professional book scanning machines and arresting three. Authorities in Uganda have raided 29 bookstores participating in a scheme that saw unsuspending students buying textbooks worth $686,000 US.

Towards the end of June Ugandan authorities carried out a massive string operation in Kampala, Masaka and Mbarara districts. Executive director of the Uganda Reproduction Rights Organisation (URRO), Charles Batambuze, said the pirates have been replicating books that are already in publication and selling them to unsuspecting customers. "Most of these thugs are connive with private schools, who then buy the books from them, some not knowing that they are buying fakes."

The books were seized from close to 29 bookshops and street vendors. According to Copyright Inspector Philly Jjemba, the traders initially claimed they did not know that their books were pirated, before revealing their suppliers. "These people just don’t deal in any book; they sell school texts which are on high demand as well as church prayer books, to unsuspecting buyers," Jjemba said.

URRO Chairman Martin Okia explained "Occasionally we get calls from the schools complaining about missing pages or unclear texts, indeed sometimes you find that in these books the pages are upside down. We are telling them those books are actually pirated and we cannot vouch for the authenticity of the contents of the book," Okia added.

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Authors Rally Behind Amazon in Publisher Dispute

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Despite the letter circulated by some well-known authors that urged Amazon to behave itself in its ongoing dispute with Hachette, a new open letter and petition has surfaced. This time, nearly thirty indie authors signed the letter thanking Amazon for its service to the reading public and to authors in particular. The authors include the usual suspects, such as Joe Konrath, Hugh Howey, and more, people who’ve been quite vocal about the good that Amazon has done in disrupting the status quo in the publishing industry.

In fact, the authors outline so much good that Amazon comes across as a veritable saint for self-published authors, and if all things are taken into consideration, it’s easy to understand why Amazon is so beloved in the eyes of self-published authors.

While the full text of the petition can be found HERE, this quote sums it up quite nicely:

“Much is being said these days about changes in the book world, but not nearly enough is being said about the most important people in our industry.

“You. The readers. Without you there wouldn't be a book industry.

“We owe you so much, and we are forever in your debt. Thank you for reading late into the night. Thank you for reading to your children. Thank you for missing that subway stop, for your word of mouth, your reviews, and your fan emails.”

It’s quite telling that traditionally published authors sent a “letter” to Amazon, whereas self-published authors initiated a petition on to let readers sign their support for the company. This is simply indicative of the publishing industry as a whole, where the tiny handful of millionaire bestsellers don’t have to connect with their audiences in the way that self-published success stories do. Rather than pen the traditionally published self-centered thoughts and issue them as a command to resolve their differences in order to continue funding the twelve-bathroom mansions that some of them own, the self-published authors opened the door to discussion and inclusion, much like Amazon has done for them.

“New York Publishing once controlled the book industry. They decided which stories you were allowed to read. They decided which authors were allowed to publish. They charged high prices while withholding less expensive formats. They paid authors as little as possible, usually between 2% and 12.5% of the list price of a book.

“Amazon, in contrast, trusts you to decide what to read, and they strive to keep the price you pay low. They allow all writers to publish on their platform, and they pay authors between 35% and 70% of the list price of the book.

“You probably aren't aware of this, but the majority of your favorite authors can't make a living off their book sales alone. Very few authors could when New York Publishing was in charge. That is changing now that Amazon and other online retailers are paying authors a fair wage.”

The crux of the authors’ point comes down to the fact that the retail industry for all forms of media has changed, but that the Old Guard somehow want books to be exempt from that, as though they have a different innate worth than music or movie downloads. The real issue is control, though, and as the petition points out, no one has given this much control and income to authors before or since Amazon.

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Google Play Books App Review on Onyx Boox T68 (Video)

I’ve been testing a bunch of different Android reading apps on the Onyx Boox T68 Lynx. The Play Books app is up for review this time around. At first the app seemed to work okay, but the more I use it the more it continues to crash. Too bad because all the Play Books’ features […]

BiblioTech Digital Library Opens in Texas


The BiblioTech digital library in Bexar County Texas has officially opened their doors to the public.  Patrons will be able to access to over 10,000 eBooks and residents will be able checkout  600 E-readers,  9 laptops and 40 tablets to read them on.

BiblioTech branch manager Catarina Velasquez said if compared it to any other library, you’ll find one major difference. “The biggest difference that you are going to find is that you’re not going to see rows and rows of books. Instead, you’re going to see rows and rows of computers,” said Velasquez. “We have all of our content digital and online.”

Good e-Reader spoke to Laura Cole, Special Projects Coordinator of BiblioTech who mentioned "Buxer County has never run a library before and all of the surrounding county's are limited to being established within city limits. We have been looking at ways to enhance the library services for people that normally don't have access.  How could we address this in a cost effective manor? In the past five years the expansion of digital books and their availability to libraries is significant."

She went on to say "We have a county owned facility that featured 4800 sq.ft  that wasn’t even being used!  This particular location is ideal, it's a underserved area of San Antonio.  It features many schools nearby and a  seniors center across the street."

Residents at Bexar County will be able to access the eBooks from their own device, using their library card and the 3M Cloud Library app. The BiblioTech will be open from 12 to 8 Monday through Friday, and 10 to 6 Saturday and Sunday. If you live in the area, the address is 3505 Pleasanton Road, San Antonio, TX 78221, (210) 631-0180.

BiblioTech Digital Library Opens in Texas is a post from: Good e-Reader

Weekly eHighlights: Adult Edition



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Jeff Abbott – Inside Man
Hachette eBook & Blackstone audiobook read by Kevin T. Collins

Sam Capra's friend has been murdered, and Sam goes undercover inside one of Miami's most prominent Mafia families. Abbott is a three-time nominee for the Edgar Award. LJ PrePub Alert.


Sally Beauman – The Visitors
HarperCollins eBook

The NY Times bestselling author tells the story of Lord Carnarvon's discovery of King Tut's tomb through the eyes of two young girls, one of them the daughter of an archaeologist. LJ PrePub Alert.


Chris Bohjalian – Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands
Random House eBook & Books on Tape audiobook read by Grace Blewer

Emily ran away by herself when a power plant in Vermont had a meltdown and both her parents were killed. Her father was in charge of the plant, and there are rumors that he was drunk when the accident happened. 150,000 print run.


Terry Brooks – The High Druid's Blade
Random House eBook & Books on Tape audiobook read by Simon Vance

Legend has it that Paxon Leah is descended from the royals and warriors who once ruled the Highlands and waged war with magic weapons. But they are long gone and he leads a quiet life running his family's modest shipping business. But when a stranger abducts his sister, he grabs the only weapon available, the antique sword hanging above the mantel, and a powerful magic is unleashed. 100,000 print run.


Marcia Clark – The Competition
Hachette eBook and audiobook read by January LaVoy

LA District Attorney Rachel Knight deals with a high school massacre, but two of the students picked as killers may actually be victims. LJ PrePub Alert. Clark's Guilt by Association, also featuring character Rachel Knight, has been optioned by TNT for a series.


Jude Deveraux – For All Time
Random House eBook

According to legend, the woman who can distinguish the heir to the throne from his twin means that she is his true love. Alas, he is already promised to someone else. Nantucket Brides trilogy, Book 2. 100,000 print run.


Ian Doescher – William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return
Random House eBook & Books on Tape audiobook read by Daniel & Jonathan Davis, Ian Doescher, Jeff Gurner, January LaVoy, and Marc Thompson

Return to the galaxy far away as the brooding young hero and a power-mad emperor and their jesting droids match wits and soliloquize in impeccable iambic pentameter.


Jennifer Estep – Poison Promise
Simon & Schuster eBook

Reading this, Number 11 in the Elemental Assassin series, doesn't really require having read the other ten. This is an action-packed urban fantasy.


Janet Evanovich – Top Secret Twenty-One
Random House eBook & Books on Tape audiobook read by Lorelei King

Stephanie Plum is back for the 21st time, and Stephanie is still a bounty hunter looking for a used car dealer who has jumped bail. 1,000,000 print run. An Amazon Best Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Book of the Month.


Jane Feather – Trapped at the Altar
Simon & Schuster eBook

Jane Feather has more than 10 million copies of her sensual historical romances in print. Romantic Times has called her a "consummate storyteller."


Robert Galbraith – The Silkworm
Hachette eBook & Blackstone audiobook read by Robert Glenister

Galbraith (J. K. Rowling) uses the second book starring private eye Cormoran Strike to have fun with the publishing industry. Don't miss this one. 400,000 print run. An Amazon Best Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Book of the Month.


Yasmine Galenorn – Night's End
Penguin eBook

Urban fantasy star Galenorn received the 2011 Career Achievement Award given by Romantic Times Magazine, and her titles are always mass market bestsellers. This is the conclusion to her Addictive series.


Conn Iggulden – Wars of the Roses: Stormbird
Penguin eBook

The first in a new series by the bestselling author. This one begins in 1437 when the Lancaster king Henry VI ascends the throne of England. Try it with fans of Game of Thrones, which is based loosely on the War of the Roses. LJ PrePub Alert.


Erika Johansen – The Queen of the Tearling
HarperCollins eBook & audiobook read by Katherine Kellgren

This one will be a bestseller. A 19-year-old princess has been raised in the woods by an elderly couple, but has now come of age and must return to the land of her birth and claim the throne. The Queen's Guard comes to escort her, but she doesn't know who to trust, and the adjoining country's queen is set to invade. First in a trilogy. 500,000 print run. Booklist starred review. The Warner Bros. film will star Emma Watson.


Stephen King – Mr. Mercedes
Simon & Schuster eBook and audiobook read by Will Patton

King's first hardboiled detective novel. 800,000 print run. An Amazon Best Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Book of the Month.


Dean Koontz – The City
Random House eBook

Koontz continues to push the envelope, refusing to write what is expected. This is the first person narrative of an African-American boy growing up in a musical family in urban America during the 1960s. 400,000 print run.


Mary Lawson – Road Ends
Random House eBook

Lawson's writing has been compared to Elizabeth Strout, Richard Ford, and Rick Bass. Twenty-one-year-old Megan has never been outside of Struan, Ontario. She's the caregiver, housekeeper, and linchpin of the family, but she decides it's time to have a life of her own and heads to London (England, not Ontario).


Laura L. McNeal – Dollbaby
Penguin eBook and audiobook read by January LaVoy

A big-hearted coming of age debut set in civil rights era New Orleans. When Ibby's father dies unexpectedly in the summer of 1964, she is deposited with her eccentric grandmother Fannie in the Garden District. Fortunately, Fannie's black cook Queenie, and her smart-mouthed daughter Dollbaby, take her under their wings.


Jojo Moyes – One Plus One
Penguin eBook

Single mom Jess, Goth teen Nicky, his sister Tanzie, their 80-pound dog, and a technology millionaire who volunteers his "top of the line" car with himself for driver, travel from the English shore to Aberdeen, Scotland where Tanzie is competing in a high stakes math competition. High jinks ensue. Moyes is the two-time winner of the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists' Association of the UK. 150,000 print run. USA Today: Hot Books of Summer. Booklist starred review.


Marcia Muller – The Night Searchers
Hachette eBook and Blackstone audiobook read by Laura Hicks

Sharon McCone Mystery number 30. PI Sharon McCone is dubious when a couple comes to her about a devil worshipers performing human sacrifices in San Francisco. LJ PrePub Alert.


Celeste Ng – Everything I Never Told You
Penguin eBook & Blackstone audiobook read by Cassandra Campbell

Lydia's mother wants her to become a doctor, and her father wants her to be popular. Now she's dead at the bottom of the lake. LJ PrePub Alert. Ng won the Hopwood Award from the University of Michigan, which was also won by Arthur Miller, Mary Gaitskill, Jesmyn War and other well-known writers.


James Patterson & David Ellis – Invisible
Hachette eBook & Blackstone audiobook read by January LaVoy and Kevin T. Collins

Emmy Dockery takes leave from her FBI job to pursue a hunch that hundreds of rapes, kidnappings and murders across the nation are the work of one man. 999,000 print run.


Rebecca Rotert – Last Night at the Blue Angel
HarperCollins eBook & audiobook read by Andrus Nichols and Caitlin Davies

Not many first novels get a 100,000 print run, but this one did. Set in early 1960s Chicago when the jazz scene was thriving. Naomi, a jazz singer who has sung at the Blue Angel club for years. LJ PrePub Alert.


Anthony Ryan – Tower Lord
Penguin eBook and audiobook read by Steven Brand

Ryan is one of the self-publishing success stories, having moved up to a Big 5 publisher. His first book Blood Song set out a fascinating world of conflicting religions and wars fought over them. This book continues the tale in an epic fantasy for fans of Robert Jordan or George R. R. Martin. Best Fantasy Books Blog: Most Anticipated Books of 2014.


Rachel Seiffert – The Walk Home
Random House eBook

An Irish family that has lived in Glasgow for decades after fleeing the Troubles, are threatened when he father marches in a parade that brings those troubles back in a real way. From a Booker Prize finalist named one of Granta's 20 Best of the Young British Novelists. The Guardian: Books for 2014.


Anne Rivers Siddons – The Girls of August
Hachette eBook and Blackstone audiobook read by Kate Reading

The bestselling author is back with the story of four women who have vacationed together at the beach from the time that their husbands were in medical school. 150,000 print run. LJ PrePub Alert calls it "classic beach reading."


Lauraine Snelling – Heaven Sent Rain
Hachette eBook

Dinah Taylor has an orderly life that is just the way she likes it, but then a seven-year-old boy shows up in front of her office building with his dog. After she buys him breakfast, he shows up the next day, and the next.


Rufi Thorpe – The Girls from Corona del Mar
Random House eBook & Books on Tape audiobook read by Rebecca Lowman

A debut novel that is grabbing some attention. Lorrie Ann has always been a sweet girl, protected by her family, while Mia is tough, having had to content with a drinking mother, her troublesome younger brothers, and a pregnancy at age 15. But when tragedy strikes Lorrie Ann she becomes a different person and Mia can't seem to help her. LJ PrePub Alert.


John Verdon – Peter Pan Must Die
Random House eBook

A mystery pulls former NYPD officer Dave Gurney out of retirement to investigate. Who killed a prominent real estate developer planning to run for office? Was it really his adulterous wife? LJ PrePub Alert.


Jennifer Weiner – All Fall Down
Simon & Schuster eBook and audiobook read by Tracee Chimo

The bestselling Weiner is back with a story that addresses the topic of addiction to painkillers. Allison Weiss's husband resents that she makes more money as a blogger than he does as a newspaper reporter. They live in a house they can't afford. They're fighting all the time, and Allison turns to pills. Booklist starred review.


Jacqueline Winspear – The Care and Management of Lies
HarperCollins eBook & audiobook read by Nicola Barber

Winspear's well-known Maisie Dobbs series stars a heroine who was a nurse in WWI. This historical novel takes place a month before the war breaks out and concentrates on the women left at home to manage their lives and the family business. 100,000 print run.




Patrick Buchanan – The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Roe from Defeat to Create the New Majority
Random House eBook & Books on Tape audiobook read by Arthur Morey

Buchanan was a Nixon advisor and tells the story of Nixon's resurrection after his stinging defeats in the 1960 Presidential election against JFK, and the 1962 California governor's race, to become President in 1969. 125,000 print run.


Hilary Clinton – Hard Choices
Simon & Schuster eBook and audiobook read by Kathleen Chalfant

600,000 print run. The Atlantic: Books to Read in 2014. In the Capital: Best Political Books of 2014. An Amazon Best Biography & Memoirs Book of the Month.


Elizabeth Drew – Washington Journal: Reporting Watergate and Richard Nixon's Downfall
Penguin eBook

Forty years after Watergate, Drew, the legendary reporter has a new edition of her bestselling work that includes new insight into Nixon's efforts to regain respectability after his downfall and new information not available at the time. Every library needs to have this one.


Michael Farquhar – Secret Lives of the Tsars: Three Centuries of Autocracy, Debauchery, Betrayal, Murder, and Madness…
Random House eBook & Books on Tape audiobook read by Enn Reitel

It is said that Michael Farquhar writes history as if he were Doris Kearns Goodwin's smart-ass, reprobate kid brother. Here he collects the best, most captivating and shocking true tales of Romanov iniquity.


Lee Grant – I Said Yes to Everything: A Memoir
Penguin eBook and audiobook read by Orlagh Cassidy

Lee Grant, an Academy Award winning actress tells the story of being blacklisted during the McCarthy era and her 12-year fight to exonerate herself. LJ PrePub.


Sally Hogshead – How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value through the Science of Fascination
HarperCollins eBook and audiobook read by Erik Bergmann

To become more successful, you don't have to change who you are—you have to become more of who you are. This book reveals who you are at your best so you can create better relationships.


Joshua Horwitz – War of the Whales: A True Story
Simon & Schuster eBook and audiobook read by Holter Graham

A crusading attorney and a marine biologist stumble onto one of the US Navy's best kept secrets—a submarine detection system that flood entire ocean basins with high intensity sounds that drive whales onto beaches. Science writer Horwitz has turned this true story into a page turner. USA Today Hot Summer Books.


Jenna McCarthy – I've Still Got It…I Just Can't Remember Where I Put It
Penguin eBook

"Awkwardly true tales from the far side of forty" tackling everything from cosmetic surgery to skinny jeans and the meaning of life by the former radio personality.


Abby Lee Miller – Everything I Learned about Life, I Learned in Dance Class
HarperCollins eBook

By the star of Lifetime's Dance Moms. Miller turns kids into stars, but she has more general advice on life success in this book. 100,000 print run.


Marja Mills – The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee
Penguin eBook and audiobook read by Amy Lynn Stewart

Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird, rarely gives interviews, but Mills moved next door to Lee and her sister Alice, and spent eighteen months getting to know the Lees and their circle of friends.


Amanda Petrusich – Do Not Sell At any Price: The Wild, Obsessive Hunt for the World's Rarest 78 rpm Records
Simon & Schuster eBook

Acclaimed music writer Petrusich tells the untold story of a quirky and important subculture—the world of 78 rpm records and those who celebrate them.


Joan Rivers – Diary of a Mad Diva
Penguin eBook & audiobook read by the author

Anais Nin, Anne Frank and Sylvia Plath wrote the world's most famous diaries. And where are they today? Dead. But the world's OTHER great diarist, Joan Rivers, is alive and kicking. And complaining.


Ja Rule – Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a Man
HarperCollins eBook

Ja Rule has sold 30 million records worldwide. His story is riveting and funny as he shares tales of his coming of age—from renting $30,000-a-month mansions to scrubbing his own prison cell, to traveling the world and falling head over heels in love with his junior high school sweetheart and going on to make her his wife and the mother of his children. 50,000 print run.


Robert L. Snow – Killers in the Family: Inside a Real Family of Criminals Bound by Blood
Penguin eBook

A rash of murders in Indianapolis in 2008 brought attention to a robber and murderer named Brian Reese. Turns out he learned his life of crime at home. His father was the lookout man and his mother was the getaway driver. He and his three brothers had more than three dozen convictions among them. But the family secrets were even darker than that.


Tim Spector – Identically Different: Why We Can Change Our Genes
Penguin eBook

Even real life "clones" with the same upbringing turn out to be very different. The answer is in the genes.


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*Geographical rights may vary by title.

Fireworks for your long weekend

The 4th of July is here, and luckily, this year it falls on a Friday… for those of you in the U.S., that means a long weekend!

Firecrackers shouldn't be the only spark in your life this weekend. We've put together a list of spicy eBooks to go with your Independence Day brats. Whether you're relaxing at a lake house or just lounging in a hammock, check out our steamy new titles from Kensington, Harlequin, and the like. For those of you celebrating in the U.S., have a safe and happy holiday weekend!


Onyx Book T68 Lynx Kobo App Review

As far as third party reading apps go, the Kobo Android app fairs better than most on the Onyx Boox T68. The number one thing is there’s no animated page transitions like with the Kindle and Google Play Books apps. This results in much smother and faster page turns. Ghosting and afterimages are less of […]

Walter Dean Myers: The Loss of a Book Hero

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

The literary world is a little darker this week after the passing of one of the greatest and most prolific modern writers of books for young people. Walter Dean Myers, a force who arguably changed the face of children’s literature with powerful and gritty story lines, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 76.

Myers was one of the most highly decorated authors of this era. According to a press release from publisher HarperCollins, “Walter Dean Myers wrote more than 100 books for children of all ages. His impressive body of work includes two Newbery Honor Books, three National Book Award Finalists, and six Coretta Scott King Award/Honor-winning books. He was the winner of the first-ever Michael L. Printz Award, the first recipient of the Coretta Scott King-Virginia Hamilton Award for Lifetime Achievement, and a recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in writing for young adults. In 2010, Walter was the United States nominee for the Hans Christian Andersen Award, and in 2012 he was appointed the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, serving a two-year tenure in the position. Also in 2012, Walter was recognized as an inaugural NYC Literary Honoree, an honor given by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, for his substantial lifetime accomplishments and contribution to children's literature.”

More important than the expanse of his body of work, though, was the author’s willingness to bring difficult subjects to young people. His themes have included inner city life, the horrors of war, criminal activity and the resulting conviction to correctional institutions, and much more. One of his titles explored the rise of gangs from their early days as neighborhood “social clubs,” expressed through both text and pen-and-ink illustrations crafted by his son, Christopher.

Authors like Myers brought reality to readers in such a way that it wasn’t so much like gawking from the sidelines as it was experiencing aspects of life that most readers will never see firsthand. He often painted a dark picture of life while focusing on the beauty and history of the setting and telling the story through the eyes of people you really wish you knew in person. His ability to make microcosmic stories speak to a vast audience of readers is something that literature won’t repeat soon.

"Walter Dean Myers was a compassionate, wonderful, and brilliant man. He wrote about children who needed a voice and their stories told. His work will live on for generations to come. It was an honor to work with him for so many years," said Miriam Altshuler, Walter's literary agent.

Fortunately for fans of Myers’ work, three new titles were already in production and will be released soon.

“His upcoming books include Juba!, (HarperCollins, April 2015) a novel for teens based on the life of a young African American dancer, and On a Clear Day (Crown/Random House Books for Young Readers, September 2014). A graphic novel adaptation of Monster (HarperCollins) is also forthcoming.”

Walter Dean Myers: The Loss of a Book Hero is a post from: Good e-Reader

Debunking Amazon’s 70% Royalty for Indie Authors and Publishers

With news this week that Amazon has added whole new international markets to its list of places where authors and publishers can earn a 70% royalty on ebooks, the rumors and misinformed half-truths have begun swirling again as authors set out to decipher the terms. Amazon sent out an email to many of its authors, informing them that two more countries–Ireland and Gibraltar–are included in the growing list of places where a reader can purchase an ebook and the author receives 70% royalty, if the requirements are met.

One of the misunderstandings authors have about the sale of ebooks abroad is that customers in countries that do not have their own dedicated Amazon stores are still often able to use a “neighboring” Amazon. The announcement brings the list of countries where readers can buy ebooks up to 28, and still give authors a 70% royalty. That’s not to say readers in even more countries cannot purchase ebooks, they just don’t come with the 70% option.

However, some of the countries on the list require authors to place their ebooks in KDP Select, Amazon’s exclusive sales program, in order to earn 70% in that country. This is frustrating for some authors, but stems from licensing and retailing agreements. Unfortunately, far too many authors translate this into thinking their books are required to be enrolled in KDP Select in order to have the 70% royalty anywhere, and that is simply not the case.

There are some requirements to listing a book for the 70% royalty, however. One of them is quite well-known and understood by authors, but the other one isn’t quite as widely known. First, 70% is available for any title whose price is between $2.99 and $9.99. The lower end of that range is because the retailer has to make its fee as well, and providing authors with almost seventy cents on a 99-cent ebook leaves them making little to nothing on the sale of an ebook. The top end of the range prevents authors and publishers from listing their ebooks at overly inflated prices, since Amazon wants to make sure there is enough content available for its millions of Kindle fans, all at an enticing price point. Again, an author is free to price the book as he sees fit, but he will forfeit the 70% royalty.

The other variable, though, is the difference between the author’s list price for the print book and the price of the ebook. The ebook must be at least 20% cheaper than the print book in order to be eligible for a 70% royalty. Again, this is to encourage authors and publishers to price their content in enticing ways, and prevents certain publishers from listing their ebooks at ridiculously high prices without the ability to discount.

One thing that Amazon is notorious for is changing its setup from time to time. New markets open up, new experiments get tried, new opportunities may come and go. It’s a very malleable market, and the retailer is working to keep things moving forward in the best interests of its customers. If there’s an opportunity to help authors along the way, then that’s just an added layer of bonus for the industry.

Debunking Amazon’s 70% Royalty for Indie Authors and Publishers is a post from: Good e-Reader

5 Reasons to Consider Switching to Android

Unsure whether to switch to Android? Here are some reasons why you might want to.