Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wattpad Quote Art Helps Stories Go Viral on Social Media


Traditionally e-Book companies that hype up sharing book quotes on social media are relegated to plain text. Wattpad is doing something quite different, they have devised a new system that takes a quote and allows people to generate pretty backgrounds to help stories go viral on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr.

This new quote sharing feature that not devised due to a the company having it on their strategic road map. Instead it was created on  Hack Friday, where the Wattpad team is given free reign to work on unique projects that support their users. Quote Art is available exclusively on mobile and has been fully integrated into the Wattpad iOS and Android apps.


Getting started is really simple , to create Quote Art users highlight text and select the Quote Art icon. Then they choose from one of several curated images, or can upload their own. The Quote Art is then ready to share on the network of their choice.

When this project was first introduced on June 24th 2015 over 35 million quotes have been shared on social media within a month. This is a testament to how popular the Toronto company has become with user generated stories.

Amazon Kindle Voyage vs Kindle Paperwhite 3


This is the e-reader comparison you all have been waiting for! Today we take a look between Amazons two flagship e-readers, the Kindle Paperwhite 3 and the Kindle Voyage.

Today we take a look at all aspects of these two e-readers that matter to people on the fence about purchasing either device. We look at the hardware, PDF experience, reading digital manga and an e-book. As an added bonus we look at reading in complete darkness and in direct sunlight.

These two e-readers are very similar in hardware specs, they both sport a six inch screen with a resolution of 1430 x 1080 and 300 PPI. During this comparison we noticed that for all sense and purpose the Kindle Paperwhite 3 is the exact same as the Paperwhite 2, the only thing that is different is the screen technology.

If you are thinking of buying either of these two devices or want to see how they perform head to head, check out the video comparison below.

Amazon Starts Summertime Reading Contest


Amazon has just initiated a Summertime Reading Contest where they want parents to submit pictures of their children reading. One Grand Prize winner will receive a Kindle Paperwhite, Fire HD 7 tablet, Fire HD 6 Kids Edition tablet, two Kindle Voyages, Fire TV, Fire Phone, three Kindle covers, one Fire HD 7 tablet cover, one pair of kid's headphones, and a $500 Gift Card. If you come in second of third place you will receive a $200 Gift Card.

In order to win the contest you don’t need to just upload a cute photo, but Amazon has posted a list of judging requirements. They will look at how how well the photo submitted captures the child's love of reading, photo creativity and quality and composition of photo.

The contest runs from July 20, 2015 and ends on August 3, 2015. In order to submit your photo you have to visit the contest page. Amazon will be posting the pictures they like on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, so you have to be cool with that.