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New Report States that 1/4 of US Readers buy eBooks


Digital Reading has certainly grown in the last few years with the proliferation of more affordable tablets and e-readers. A recent survey conducted by Bookboon has brought to light that 1/4 of the entire United States buys eBooks and half intend on buying one within the next year. This recent poll was conducted by 6,000 U.S. 27.1% of the the respondents said they currently buy eBooks and 22.7% expect to within a year. Obviously, reports like this are not indicative to the entire US population, despite the contrary.

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Scared of Windows 8 and thinking of switching to Linux? Here's the definitive guide to making the transition.

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Google Nexus 7 and Kobo Arc Comparison Video


The Google Nexus 7 2013 edition and the Kobo Arc are both seven inch tablets with comparable hardware and resolution. The Nexus has the advance of 4 CPU cores, while the Arc makes due with two. Both of these devices make a very fine e-reader and during the course of this video comparison we check out how they handle all sorts of content.

This video documents how the Kobo Arc and Nexus 7 handles eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers, Comcis, audio and video. As always, we put a special priority on the entire e-reading experience. If you are thinking of buying either of these two tablets to serve as your day to day reader, you won’t want to miss this.

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Random House Rolls Out New Enhancements to BookScout


Random House launched a new eBook discovery platform via Facebook in January. BookScout basically lets users share their favorite books with friends and then receive reading recommendations based on their own preferences. Users can create their own virtual shelves full of books they have read, or are in the process of reading. If you find a book you like on your friends shelf, there are a number of links displayed to purchase the book from a number of online retailers. One of the best elements of this site is the focus is not exclusively on Random House ebook titles, but all major publishers. Today, a number of new enhancements got pushed out based on user feedback. BookScout now includes tablet optimization and enhanced social sharing features, making it easier for Facebook members to learn what their friends are reading and share books they want to discuss to their timeline. As part of Facebooks announcements this week, people can now add their BookScout activity to their Books section on their timeline.

BookScout might float under the radar for most digital book readers, because it is a Facebook exclusive. People though, are definitely using the service, since the apps launch, readers have added over 27,000 books to their BookScout shelves and have Liked over 21,000 eBook titles. Using the service is completely free, and you can check it out HERE.

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New Firmware Update for Kindle Paperwhite – Version 5.3.4

Amazon released another update for the Kindle Paperwhite today. The new software version is 5.3.4. It’s a minor update but it’s a large file of about 164MB. The update doesn’t add any noticeable new features. All that Amazon says about the update is that it includes “general improvements for your Kindle Paperwhite”. I downloaded the [...]

SirsiDynix Conference Spotlights OverDrive APIs

The annual Customers of SirsiDynix Users Group, Inc. (COSUGI) conference is taking place in Salt Lake City this week. During this morning's session, OverDrive C.E.O. Steve Potash was introduced as a key partner and API integration success story. Through eResource Central, SirsiDynix-powered libraries will soon enjoy seamless integration with OverDrive's digital catalog, providing a single access point to both physical and digital materials.


"SirsiDynix is an important and longstanding partner, and we're proud to deliver this advanced integration," said Potash. "We've been working shoulder to shoulder with them, and libraries are beginning to see the valuable results. This positions SirsiDynix well for the next series of APIs that will be released later this year, including reporting and content."


To learn more about OverDrive APIs, please visit our Developer Portal.


David Burleigh is Director of Marketing at OverDrive.


How To Score $800 Million In Fresh Capital For Your Startup Without Going Public — Find Out At IGNITION Mobile

dave goldberg tbi

About a year ago, Dave Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey (and husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg), decided that he wanted to raise some capital for his 13-year-old business ... without going public. Recently, he announced the details of a plan that would do just that.

Attend IGNITION Mobile on March 21 in San Francisco to hear how this veteran entrepreneur managed to score $800 million in fresh capital, satisfy his investors, and keep his company on a growth trajectory—all while mobile-proofing SurveyMonkey to ensure its future relevance.

There are still some spots available, so register now to hear from Goldberg and many other successful entrepreneurs about their journey from small startup to tech powerhouse.

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There Was Something Different About The Vatican Crowd In 2005

As the Today Show points out, something important changed during the 2005 announcement of Pope Benedict XVI and the 2013 announcement of Pope Francis.

Instagram Vatican

We weren't completely sure that the first shot was from the exact same angle, so we did some digging.

The photos from below appear to show a similar drastic change.


2005 Papal Conclave


Vatican Papal Conclave 2013

Here's another viewpoint:


2005 Papal Conclave


Papal Conclave 2013

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OverDrive Launches Redesigned Website, Partner Portal

Earlier today we relaunched our corporate website ( and launched the OverDrive Partner Portal (, a dedicated site where our school and library partners can access resources like the Learning Center, Marketing & Outreach tools, and information about service enhancements like Test Drive and WIN Catalog. We also launched a new page for OverDrive Media Console (


The corporate website contains general information about OverDrive and the services we provide, and the OMC page is for users looking to download our popular apps. But the Partner Portal is just for you, designed to streamline the OverDrive experience for our library and school partners.  There you'll find:


All existing links to these web pages should be operational (whether via direct or redirected link). If you do find a broken link or have other comments about the new sites, please contact your Account Specialist. Thanks for your partnership. We hope you enjoy the new OverDrive Partner Portal.


Shannon Lichty is Library Partner Services Manager at OverDrive.