Thursday, August 2, 2012

OverDrive Developer Portal now open

We’re happy to announce that the OverDrive Developer Portal is now open and accepting applications from interested developers. Our initial set of APIs gives third-party applications the ability to browse OverDrive digital media collections, search for titles, display detailed metadata for a given title, and determine the availability of a title within a given library collection. We’re excited to see the powerful new discovery tools our library, retail, and publishing partners develop to extend their digital catalogs to more readers around the globe.

We hope you’ll take a moment to browse around the OverDrive Development Portal and read our documentation. We’ve included helpful guides to get you started, examples of real-world applications for OverDrive APIs, and an overview of the design and security standards that shaped our internal development process.

We will review Developer Portal applications on a weekly basis. Approval will be based on the applicant having an existing customer relationship with OverDrive, or the applicant applying as a third-party developer agent for an OverDrive customer. For a third party (non-OverDrive customer) to be approved, the application must disclose the nature of the project and identify the specific OverDrive account(s) for which it will utilize the OverDrive APIs. All applications will be reviewed to confirm that they are within the scope and permitted uses for OverDrive APIs. Prior to gaining access to OverDrive APIs, all applicants will be required to accept the OverDrive API Terms and Conditions.

If you have further questions about OverDrive APIs or the approval process, please contact us through the OverDrive Development Portal.

Jeff Morgan is a Marketing Communications Specialist at OverDrive.