Wednesday, January 14, 2015

PressReader Updates Android App for Free Newspaper and Magazine Downloading


PressReader has updated their official Android app for support for their brand new hotspot mapping system. It basically allows you to ride a companies wireless internet connection to download free magazines and newspapers.

Pressreader markets their hotspot solution to hotels, cafes, corporations and retail stores. It basically allows anyone with a tablet or smartphone to download a magazines and newspapers from a library of more than 3,500 full-content publications from 100+ countries in 60+ languages.

You need to download the latest version of the PressReader app for Android from Google Play or the Good e-Reader App Store. Once you have reigstered an account just open up your tablet or smartphone in one of their designated WiFi zones called PressReader HotSpots for instant access to any newspaper or magazine. To find one near you, just open up the PressReader HotSpot Map from the app navigation menu.

Why do companies signup to give paid visitors or the general public access to free content? The main reason is because it brings people in the doors. Hotels often add this service has an amenity to the guests, instead of getting whatever local paper left outside your door, you can read anyone you want, including your own paper from whatever city you are originate from. A cafe may use it as a sirens call of allure to the business lunch crowd, that wants to be able to read  on their break.

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The Toronto Public Library Would like to Buy your Books


Libraries often find themselves stretching their book buying budget in order to satiate the demand for bestselling titles. All of the books they buy are mostly new, either directly from the publisher or authorized 3rd party resellers. The Toronto Public Library is bucking this trend and wants to buy your used books.

Metro News is reporting that the Toronto Public Library launched the used book buying program in December, in a bid to reduce the wait times for popular fiction books such as the weeks-long delay it experienced for Us Conductors by Sean Michaels after it won the Giller Prize.

The Toronto Public Library isn’t just interested in any book, but have strict requirements. Your book must be on their list of popular adult fiction titles that are currently in high demand and must be in very good shape. If you meet all of the libraries requirements they will buy it from you straight up for $5.00.

At the beginning of every month the list of books the library wants to buy will be updated. This often depends on mainstream bestsellers that have just released or what books are continuing to see accelerated demand by the patrons.

This initiative will save the library money and allow them to stretch their budget further, but publishers and authors are up in arms about this becoming a trend in the industry.  Noah Richler, the acclaimed author who most recently wrote What We Talk About When We Talk About War, recently penned an opinion piece panning the Toronto library's decision. “Instead of ordering copies of books that furnish a royalty, and supporting the trade, as all honourable purchases do, the TPL is buying off the back of a public truck it has ushered into the courtyard, depriving writers and the companies that invest in them of their just reward. It can do so because it has decided that the lowest possible price to be paid is the right one.”

It is important to note that Toronto Public plans to buy one copy for every six holds placed on a title. Since the program launched last month the library only bought 20 books, which is a drop in the bucket compared their normal spending habits. Still, its too early to tell how this pilot will affect the perception of the library by publishers and authors.  It is slatted to run for one calender year and be evaluated at the end, to see if its viable to continue.

Baseline, the libraries program to buy your books is basically trying to curb rampant spending. It is one of the least funded major library in Canada and they are constantly under the gun to reduce costs. One of the big expenses right now is digital lending.  In 2014, Toronto Public was one of two libraries in North America that loaned out over two million e-Books.

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BlackBerry Contemplates a Future With Samsung


It isn’t very often that news in the tech world causes an actual frenzy of excitement –but when Samsung (supposedly) puts 7.5B on the table in a bid to purchase Blackberry, the interest is warranted. We knew that senior executives were chatting at CES last week, and that a possible buyout was on the table, but that means things materialized rather quickly.

Who knows exactly what Samsung has in mind for BlackBerry, though you can bet it involves having their hands on the considerable patent library enjoyed by the Canadian tech company. When you consider that BlackBerry also has the trust of the corporate sector by way of security and existing platform adoption, this merger news is probably scariest for Apple (who stood to benefit most from what seemed like the eventual collapse of BlackBerry)… though I would wager Microsoft is watching this move rather closely as well (as they struggle to maintain any kind of corporate relevance in the mobile marketplace).

Following the news of this potential transaction, share prices for BlackBerry have shot through the roof (which is something I never thought I would have the chance to say again).

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Video Tour of E Ink’s Booth at CES 2015

Charbax from uploaded one of his yearly tours of E Ink’s booth at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. E Ink as a company clearly wants to build their business in new ways, and this year that really shows. You will find very little time spent talking about ereader displays in the video. E Ink […]

BookShout Brings in Key Players for New Print Distribution

BookShout, the ebook distribution platform that has seen a great deal of recent success in partnering with publishers to produce sales dashboards and seamless, device-agnostic file integration for ebook consumers, announced at today’s DBW event that several industry veterans from across major publishers have joined BookShout’s team for its new print distribution initiative.

According to a release, BookShout is joining forces with Ingram Content Group’s existing ability to drop-ship print titles for bulk orders of print titles, a feature that publishers and authors alike can benefit from.

The new additions to the New York-based team include Tim Murray, formerly of Simon & Schuster, as the new VP of Sales; Timothy Cheng, formerly of Perseus Book Group,  as the Director of Sales; and Libby Jordan, formerly of HarperCollins, as VP of Marketing and Business Development.

"We are honored to work with Ingram, numerous top publishers, and bestselling and up-and-coming authors,” said Jason Illian, CEO and founder of BookShout, of the new initiative. “We believe our technology can help all parties create new sales channels while building audience and generating more revenue."

BookShout already has existing collaboration in place with over 4,500 publishers, and its iOS and Android apps, HTML5 mobile and web readers help ensure that consumers can access digital titles in virtually any format for e-reading. This print partnership will secure access for consumers who prefer physical books, and allow rights holders to order large quantities of their content for a variety of purposes.

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Hacking the haulage industry

Regular readers will remember that we featured Andy Proctor’s delivery lorry – hacked with a Raspberry Pi to become an Internet of Things delivery Andy lorry – back at the start of December.  The BBC found out about him too, and he’s featuring on the front page of their news site today, with a really nice little video segment about what he’s been doing. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. Thanks Andy!