Saturday, March 21, 2015

Zinio for Libraries App Makes Borrowing and Reading Easy


Libraries have been focusing on developing digital collections for a number of years. One of the ways they have been doing this is by removing most of their physical magazines and going with companies like Zinio. In the past, it was rather complicated to browse, borrow and read. The overall process has been simplified, with the advent of the new Zinio for Libraries app for Android.

Zinio currently has 2,600 titles in 12 unique languages representing titles from more than 25 countries. They distribute their content to libraries through Recorded Books, who is their main partner.

When it came to browsing the libraries collection of digital magazines, checking them out and then reading them was a bit complicated. Users needed two different apps, the Recorded Books Magazine App, which lets you check out magazines for free and a Zinio account, which lets you read checked-out magazines online in your browser or read via an app. Obviously needing two different apps is fairly redundant and a massive barrier to the average reader. This is why the new Zinio for Libraries app was created.

Zinio for Libraries was developed in order to allow patrons to check out magazines through your local library, login using your library account, then download them onto your Android device to read anytime, online or offline. You can browse, borrow and read to your hearts content. No longer do you need two apps, you just need this one.

In the next few weeks, Recorded Books and Zinio will be informing libraries that this solution now exists and will assist in training library staff how to use the new app.

Download Zinio for Libraries from the Good e-Reader App Store.

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Reading on a Tablet is Bad for your Neck


Serious readers have turned to tablets to read e-books due to the sheer number of apps that have been developed for Android and iOS. Whether you are downloading content from the library or have a subscription to Scribd or Osyter tablet usage is skyrocketing. Recent research has shown that not only is tablet usage causing Melatonin Suppression, but it is also proven to be bad for your neck.

A recent study of 33 university students who use tablets 50+% of their time. Users were tested in a variety of usage positions and whilst reading and typing for 2-5 minutes. Radiographs and external joint angle measurements were used to assess gravitational demand on the neck and biomechanical ergonomics of the head-neck system during tablet use. The authors hypothesised that tablet use would result in greater gravitational demand than a neutral posture, particularly when used on a lap or flat on a desk. They also speculate that demand will be different for reading vs. typing and finally that gravitational demand will be greater for female users.

Fascinatingly the authors discovered that tablet use increases mechanical demand on neck muscles by 3-5 times more than a neutral position. Using a tablet flat or on lap also had this effect as compared to propped up but whether subject was reading or typing had little effect on level of neck strain; head-neck demand is independent of hand position. A minimal increase in gravitational demand was seen in females but not enough to be significant. The authors conclude "Our findings are important for developing ergonomics guidelines for tablet computer use because they provide quantitative information about the mechanical requirements of the head–neck musculature, which are directly linked to mechanisms of pain-related problems, under several tablet computer usage conditions." They urge more research to include further variables such as extent and frequency of use and posture, all of which could be significant in inducing neck pain after tablet use.

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Amazon Kindle Voyage to Launch in India Soon


The Amazon Kindle Voyage e-reader will be launching in India in the next few weeks. Customers will get a chance to purchase either the WIFI only model for Rs. 16,499 or the 3G variant for Rs. 20,499.

Amazon first unveiled the Kindle Voyage last September and quickly became a massive success. The six inch e-reader currently has the highest resolution on the market and the 300 PPI really makes text appear crisp. One of the best e-readers in the world doesn’t come cheap though, it retails for $199 in the US.

One of the big design changes with the Voyage is the screen is completely flush with the bezel. All prior Kindle e-readers had a sunken screen and employed infrared touchscreen technology. The new capacitive screen is much easier to interact with and allows for more pin-point procession. It also has Page Press technology, which has the manual page turn keys entirely flush with the bezel.

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Haikyuu!! Gains Stage Play, Festival, and Two Films


Several months ago, Production I.G announced a series of events coming in 2015 to accompany the second season of Haikyuu!!, the popular volleyball manga. The project is called the Itadaki Project, and was no doubt set in motion to ride the popularity of sports anime, and the particular popularity of Haikyuu!!.

Now, a recent announcement has promised a whole slew of Haikyuu!! events coming our way. Earlier, Production I.G stated there would be one compilation film. Now, it has been given two films: the first, Haikyuu!! the Movie: Ending and Beginning, is coming on July 3. The second, Haikyuu!! the Movie: Winners and Losers, on September 18. A compilation film, for those who don't know, is a movie made of combined footage from the TV show. It often includes bonus features, extra scenes, and new animation. The goal of the film is to tell the story of the anime in one compact two hour film.

Another excellent announcement is the Haikyuu!! Festival! coming on August 30, at the Pacifico Yokohamo. No other information is known about it at this time, but the words Haikyuu!! and Festival are enough to get any fan's blood pumping.

Yet a third event comes in the form of a stage play. For an anime to have a stage play is not a rare thing; if an anime is popular enough, a stage play seems almost necessary. What I am currently wondering is, how on Earth are they going to show volleyball games on a stage? Not that I, or anyone, are complaining, In fact, I am looking forward to seeing how a sports anime looks adapted for the stage. The play is in the hands of director "Worry Kinoshita," and is described as a "hyper-projection performance." The stage play will begin to run mid-November, through December.

All of this is just leading up to the announcement Haikyuu!! fans have been waiting with bated breath for: the second season of the Haikyuu!! TV anime. The first season ended on September 21, after a particularly devastating loss for our main team, Karasuno. The second season will entail the team picking up the pieces, getting back on their feet, and making their way back to the Spring High tournament. Another reason fans are so excited for season two? It will contain the Tokyo Training Camp arc, filled with new characters we've been waiting to see from the beginning.

The manga by Haruichi Furudate has been popular since its publication in 2012. Recently, it was ranked #15 in Takarajimasha’s Kono Manga ga Sugoi! in the Male Readers category. A funny enough placement, as the series is just as popular with female readers, and every reader in general. As for the anime, Crunchyroll streamed the series; so if you haven't gotten into the wonderful world of volleyball yet, go have a look!

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