Sunday, March 17, 2013

Apple iPad 3 vs. Asus MemoPad Smart

ipad 3 vs asus memopad smart

In this Good e-Reader Comparison Video we check out the Apple iPad 3 and the Asus MemoPad Smart 10.1 edition. This is the battle of a very low cost large screen Android tablet, pitted against the iPad 3.

Over the course of this video comparison we check out the overall e-reading experience on both of these tablets. We will evaluate comics, newspapers, magazines and eBooks. The one great thing about larger screen displays is the ability to fit more content on it, at any given time. Of course, ten inch tablets lack the portability factor that the seven inch models bring to the table, but make up for added screen real estate.

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The simple solution to screen fatigue: Scientists say 20 seconds of BLINKING can stop computer users getting eye strain

Scientists claim blinking 20 times in a row every 20 minutes should be combined with looking away from the screen for 20 seconds and focusing on an object 20 feet away

All New PlayBook Tablets Running BB10 Likely to Be Launched by End of Q2


An all new PlayBook tablet running the company’s latest BB10 operating system is in development. The revelation was made by Mike Al Mefleh, director of product management at BlackBerry, while speaking to Emirates 24|7 at the BlackBerry User’s Forum held recently in Dubai. Mike could not assign any specific launch dates, but has stated the new PlayBook could become a reality around the end of the second quarter. Also, while the specifics were clearly missing, chances are that this time we could be treated to a 10 inch PlayBook version that has been optimized to run the BB10 OS.

Meanwhile, an update to the current 7 inch PlayBook devices that will make them run BB10 is also on its way, and chances are that it could be released earlier than the new PlayBook. Interestingly, this comes on the back of the company denying any effort was spent on an all new PlayBook version. There is no denying a strong user base of the PlayBook exists, while the tablet is also reported to have registered some strong sales in the UK during the holiday season. This makes it quite clear that a new PlayBook will have a lot of takers, more so when the new BB10 platform seems to have clicked with users, something exemplified by strong sales of its new Z10 smartphone. Under the circumstances, a new PlayBook does look to be a distinct possibility.

All New PlayBook Tablets Running BB10 Likely to Be Launched by End of Q2 is a post from: E-Reader News