Saturday, April 13, 2013

Reading Rainbow Launches Nat Geo Kids Island

Reading Rainbow was a very popular kids show that starred LeVar Burton. Over the course of the last year, the franchise has gravitated towards the internet and provided an interactive experience for the iPad. In January, RRKidz (the parent company of Reading Rainbow) struck a new relationship with National Geographic. Today, the partnership has come to fruition and the new Nat Geo Kids Island is officially available!

The Reading Rainbow app, available on the iPad, is a completely re-imagined and interactive experience reminiscent of the original TV series. The app is currently available on the iPad and has consistently been a top-grossing app. The App features hundreds of fiction and nonfiction books from numerous acclaimed children's publishers as well as newly produced and classic video field trips. The reading experience is customized to a child's specific topics of interests and age. Each book in the library can be experienced as either "read on my own" or "read to me," with voice-over narration by professional actors including Emmy award-winning actor LeVar Burton.

Take a look at the video, which shows off some of the new books and interactive features found on the new Nat Geo Kids Island!

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Google Play Video Review of the New 4.0.25 Update

google play update

Google Play will soon be pushing a brand new update to smartphones and tablets worldwide. The new update, 4.0.25, really enhances the size of app icons, movie cover art, and ebooks. Being able to look great on tablets and smartphones is a huge priority as most people are starting to gravitate towards larger screen devices. The new look of Google Play ends up giving you app ratings and more intuitive scrolling. I really like how this new version takes a better advantage of your screen real estate. In our video review, we show you all aspects of the new Google Play. We have heard it will be pushed out within the next few weeks.

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Top 5 Comic Reading Apps for the Blackberry Z10

blackberry z10 top comic apps

Welcome to another Good e-Reader APP Review! Today, we look at the top 5 comic book reading apps for the Blackberry Z10 and BB10 devices. Honestly, Blackberry World is fairly woeful when it comes to comic book reading apps, so you will have to rely on our own Good e-Reader BB10 App Store to fill the void. In this video, we document Marvel Comics, Comixology, DC Comics, Manga Reader 2, and Mango.

Over the course of this review, we will show you how both comics and manga look within the apps. You can get a strong sense of how the stores look and how you would go about purchasing content. We also show you some of the advanced features you have access to, like Guided View, which lets you isolate specific panels.

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Twitter Out of Reach on the Z10


The only solace for owners of the Z10 device who are not able to tweet is that they are not alone. For Twitter has been off limits for the Blackberry 10 operating system and fortunately Blackberry is aware of the problem. A solution is in the works and the issue is expected to be sorted out fast. Let’s just hope things are solved before the Q10 is launched.

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PC Sales Shows Sharp Decline in Q1 2013, but Should Windows 8 Take the Entire Blame?


It has been established that the PC market is under threat from the new crop of smart mobile computing devices. It is down to a struggle for desktop PC’s basic existence, as predicted, and the results have just begun to emerge. The first quarter sales report of desktop and laptop is no secret, and the sharp 14 percent decline in sales is demonstrative, to say the least. That's the figure that International Data Corp has suggested, though Gartner has come up with the gentler figure of an 11 percent decline. Not surprisingly, with Microsoft having a vice like grip on the segment, it is considered to have contributed to the slide more than anyone else. The recently released Windows 8 is being held as the number one villain that analysts believe may have actually led to the slide rather than help prevent it. Blaming the shaky world economic scenario won’t help either, as the desktop is sliding faster into obscurity even when the economy is showing signs of bouncing back.

The reason behind the shift in consumer preference towards portable computing devices such as tablet PCs is understandable considering the tablet’s immense convenience. Tablet devices are handy, offer excellent computing power, and respond to touch based inputs, negating the need for external pointing devices such as a mouse. They offer extreme convenience for almost all general purpose computing needs. Compare these to the desktops that are bulky and immense compared to tablets. Tablets are even handier than laptop or notebook devices.

However, with this being the state of affairs in the traditional computing scene, putting the entire blame on Windows 8 alone would be a bit harsh. If the new gen platform from Microsoft alone is to be blamed for the poor show, consumers could still have bought the Windows 7 based PCs on the market. Besides, the trend isn’t just limited to the Windows based PCs. Apple is also having to cope with reduced demand for its PCs, while its iPad is scaling new heights in sales almost every quarter.

It’s the gradual but seemingly firm shift in consumer preference that should be held responsible for the decline in PC sales. Consumers have had enough with the desktops and laptops and nothing is more exciting now than the new sleek tablet devices. It's something they can carry everywhere, does not need to be tethered to a single place, and can perform most computing jobs as well. Of course, there is also the cost factor associated with it as tablets typically cost just a fraction of what desktops and laptops cost (around $1500). A tablet can cost anywhere between $200 to $700, depending on the display size and other configurations.

Also, while still on Windows 8 and the decline in sales of PCs, what should also be taken into consideration is that the former has opened up an entirely new segment of computing, that of hybrid tablet devices. While demand for these is still in the early states, these are expected to be the future of personal computing. These offer the best of both worlds, a tablet when the display is used in isolation or a netbook offering 10+ hours of runtime when attached with the keypad unit. The way the computing segment might shape up in the future is that the tablet devices will be used for those who need it for entertainment or general purpose computing while the hybrid tablet could be the ideal solution for those who need some serious computing.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is working on an update to its Windows 8 OS in the form of Windows 8.1 Blue. Slated to be released this summer, Blue can do what Windows 7 did to Vista. While it would be interesting to see if it can arrest the decline in PC sales, it remains to be seen if Microsoft can turn things around. In short, we have reached a crossroads and there plenty of changes are happening very fast. We will let things settle down a bit before we jump to any firm conclusions.

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