Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Read Distraction Free on Your Tablet with Kobo Reading Mode


One of the largest drawbacks about reading on a tablet is the sheer amount of distractions users are bombarded with. Reading immersion is often a battleground of Facebook and Twitter updates, instant messages and emails. This often can detract from really getting into a book and is often the number one complaint about reading on a dedicated tablet. Kobo is seeking to solve this with a new software initiative called Reading Mode.

Reading Mode is a new option that will see the light of day when the new Kobo Ara HD 10 and HD 7 are launched this October. It basically is a setting that you can turn on and will eliminate all notifications you would normally receive on your device. This really solves the problem of being distracted on your tablet while you are reading a magazine, eBook or graphic novel.

Reader Mode has patents being filed for it right now and Kobo is hoping to bring this functionality to their iOS and Android apps in the near future.

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Why we love libraries

Libraries are a wonderful place. They provide countless services and are often times the center of the community. They bring community members together through events and programs; offer internet access and research options to those who would otherwise be without; and supply an endless amount of knowledge simply by walking through their doors. Libraries allow users to travel the world, discover new languages and encounter numerous adventures all housed under the same roof. If you can't make it to the physical library, eBooks and digital audiobooks can provide the same privileges with the click of a button, from anywhere in the world.

Here at OverDrive, we do what we do because we all love libraries and everything they offer. The great thing about libraries is there is no one reason to fall in love with them. Everyone's reasoning may be a little different.


Here are some of the reasons the OverDrive blog team loves our libraries:

  • I love the library because of the sense of community, access to endless information, promotion of literacy, and well, the free books and eBooks!   -Rachel


  • I'll let someone else say it for me… "All I hope to say in books, all that I ever hope to say, is that I love the world." –E.B. White  -Laura
  • I love the library because it is my solace of immortalized narrative wonders available at my beck and call. -Rob
  • I love the library because it's a community haven with resources for all. –Melissa H.
  • I was 7 years old the first time I set foot into a library. Two hours later I was convinced there was magic in the world. Even now, nearly 20 years later, when I walk into a library I believe in magic again. –Christina
  • I love the library because there's something there for everyone (and all of it is FREE)! –Leslie
  • When I need a break from my own world, I go to the library and escape to thousands of others. –Jason
  • He who complains tax dollars are wasted has never been to the library -Beau
  • I love how within one building each individual has their own story – a child learning to read, a job seeker doing research, a student wrapping up a thesis, a film buff picking up a DVD…  –Cassie 
  • I love being at home in pajamas, looking for a book to read before bed and knowing that I can find an eBook from my library in seconds. –Melissa M.


Now it's your turn: tell us why you love your library in the comments below! We'll visualize the best quotes and post them on our Facebook page for you to share!


Adam Sockel is a Marketing Communications Specialist with OverDrive (and a lover of libraries)



A Closer Look at Kobo’s New Arc 10 HD and Arc 7 Reading Tablets

Yesterday Kobo announced a lineup of three new tablets in addition to the new Kobo Aura ebook reader. There’s two new 7-inch tablets and Kobo’s first 10-inch model, all of which are expected to become available in October. Kobo seems to be taking a similar approach with their tablets as Amazon by offering two 7-inch […]

World’s smallest Mac (clue: it’s a Pi)

A short post today: I’m running around getting ready to go to the airport. Yesterday, I found this piece of downright splendour at Cult of Mac.

It’s made by John Leake, from RetroMacCast. And it’s a working Mac, only it’s a third the size you might be expecting. There is (of course) a Pi in there, running a System Software 6.0.8 emulator under Raspbian.

“Mac Mini” suddenly has a whole new spectrum of meaning.

This build was done using a mixture of off-the-shelf parts and hand-moulded PVC – and a Pi. You can hear more about it at this week’s RetroMacCast – I want to find out if there’s anything that fits into the 1/3 size floppy disk slot.