Saturday, June 21, 2014

Follow the Line App Review and GamePlay


Follow the Line has a ridiculously easy premise you hold your finger down on the screen and follow the lines. The game itself is punishing hard, similar in vein to Flappy Birds and Follow the White Tile, where you can quickly devote a few minutes to the game.

The first few minutes of the game, is rather easy. It goes from straight lines to figure eights and finally with lots of insidious traps. You have to time the lines that split away from each other or you lose.

Some tablets don’t have an ultra smooth screen, where you can hold your finger down and engage in complex patterns. We tested it on the Kobo ARC 10, and the resolution is great, but the screen feels “gripy”. One of the cool aspects of the game play is that you can remove your finger from the screen and it pauses it. Download Follow the Line from Good e-Reader App Store.

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Good e-Reader App Store Unveils Automatic App Updating


The Good e-Reader Android and Blackberry App Store is the largest indie app market in Canada.  Today, they have unveiled a new upgrade to their app store client, that users install on your device to make downloading or discovering new apps, quick and efficent. The new update will automatically notify and install app upgrades, ensuring that all of your favorite games or apps are always kept current.

It is important that when you tap into an Android App Store, that app discovery be a big part of your experience. Google may hype the fact they have almost a million apps, but how many of them are considered quality? The Good e-Reader store is a heavily curated experience, putting the emphasis on quality, not quantity. There are app reviews, app news and 1 click downloads, with no registration required.

Facebook Connect is now fixed, so you can leave a review or keep a record of all your prior downloads in the Cloud Locker. The app icon has changed as well, so it is the same E you see everywhere in our social media channels. If the App Store itself needs an update, you will instantly be notified, no longer will you have to manually check to see if there is an update.

Download the Good e-Reader App Store today and join in on the fun!

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Angry Robot to Shut Two of its Key Imprints

Book lovers received some sad news about two of UK-based publisher Angry Robot‘s imprints, its Strange Chemistry division for YA titles and Exhibit A for mystery. The publisher has decided to close its two imprints due to “market saturation,” according to some reports, although a post on the company’s website insists that its science fiction line is going strong. It even plans to increase its number of titles from two books per month to three next month.

This is unfortunate news for those readers who signed up for the subscription ebook service last year, which offered users a year of books released once per month. Presumably those readers will still be offered a separate Angry Robot title instead, of will be issued a refund.

This move comes as part of Osprey Publishing‘s streamlining efforts; Osprey backed Angry Robot when the company left HarperCollins and became and independent publisher.

However, the term “market saturation” is a really strange excuse in this case. As numerous authors and publishers have pointed out, there’s no such thing as too many books being published, or not enough readers for the volume of content. There may very well be a glut of titles out there, but there is certainly not an abundance of well-written stories with intriguing characters and compelling story lines. What the term may be referring to is the increasing difficulty of finding suitable book promotion and making the titles stand out.

Strange Chemistry (YA) was known for very edgy, experimental books, while Angry Robot itself is known for pioneering its DRM-free status on its titles, something that more and more savvy readers are beginning to appreciate.

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Ace of Tennis Android App Review


Ace of Tennis is a stark departure from the quintessential tennis simulator. Most sports games normally feature cartoony graphics or strive for realism. Ace of Tennis has done something entirely unique, they have developed an RPG based game with unique rackets, outfits and doubles partners.

Ace of Tennis has a very unique list of doubles partners from crazy pets to anime infused characters. Your rackets can be anything from a large pizza pan to a snow shovel.

Ace of Tennis has three game modes: First, World Tour, Tournament Matches. It also features multi-player to compete against other users. When the moment gauge is full, touch the screen, there serve gets stronger. You have to touch the screen when two circles overlap each other in order to complete a serve.

This game is quite a lark and has zanny equipment and doubles partners. Ace of Tennis is available for free from the Good e-Reader App Store.

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Angry Birds Epic Android App Review


Rovio took a departure from the standard Angry Birds formula with the advent of Angry Birds GO! The game was basically done in a similar vein as Mario Cart, but did not see the critical success of the standard slingshot mechanics. Angry Birds Epic has hit Android and it deviates further with an RPG experience.

The story begins with a unique twist to the quintessential Angry Birds formula, with the pigs stealing your eggs. Well actually, this has been a mainstay plot device employed on every single game they ever made. You start off as the Red Bird and are introduced to the gameplay mechanics. Eventually, you will unlock extra birds, such as Chuck (the yellow dude), and Bomb. All birds have their own unique attacks and abilities – Chuck, for example, can attack all enemies at once with a lightning strike, while Red unleashes a heavy blow at a single opponent. Same goes for the enemies – different pigs have different strengths and weaknesses, which you can actually view during battle.

The difficulty of the game soars higher than the mighty eagle in short order. You will need to loot and craft equipment and weapons, which actually all look different on each bird you outfit. There is also plenty of stat boosts you can purchase via microtransactions. It all feels mostly contrived and is an obvious money grab. See the rest of our review in the video below.

Download Angry Birds Epic for Android for free from the Good e-Reader App Store.

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Dragon Quest VIII Android App Review


Dragons Quest is a cultural icon in Japan, much akin to Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy. Dragon Quest VIII sold close to 5 million copies worldwide on the Playstation 2 and now has hit Android. Prepare to set out on the road with Yangus, Jessica, and Angelo on an epic quest to lift the curse that threatens your kingdom.

Final Fantasy remakes proliferate the iPad and the Android ecosystem. The character art and environments are totally redone. The Dragon Quest VIII game is a straight port, which means if you played the original on Playstation, you are basically getting it mirrored.

The combat is consistently challenging with excellent boss fights that will really challenge your RPG skills. You absolutely have to pay attention, which is refreshing for an RPG. The story is simple yet wonderfully told with some touching moments throughout. The graphics, while simple, are carefully crafted with heavy attention to detail. Every room, enemy, and scene is crafted with care. The game is also huge. Lots of secrets, lots to see, lots to do, and a long story to play through. It will take you 60 hours easily to finish the main quest.

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Google Play Books Expands into 12 New Countries


If you have an android driven smartphone or tablet, chances are the Google Play Store is bundled on it. Aside from installing apps, the company also sells digital books via Play Books. A few times a year Google opens up their ecosystem to a few new countries, slowly making their bookstore more viable. Today, they have expanded their reach into an additional 12 new markets.

The new Play Books countries are: Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Colombia, Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Google Play Books is now fully available in 57 countries, mainly targeting Latin America, North America and Europe. Statistically they don’t sell a copious amount of eBooks, recently leaked investor slides show that in North America they are listed in the “other” category, which represent less than 4% of eBook sales.

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