Sunday, September 14, 2014

Macworld Abandons Print and Goes Digital Only


Macworld magazine has been going strong since 1984 and has been chronicling all things Apple. Due to a decline in print subscriptions the publication has announced they are abandoning the print edition and focusing more on the website and digital version.

There has been a tremendous amount of negative publicity surrounding Macworld since the formal unveiling of the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event. Most of their senior staff covered the event for six hours and contributed commentary and live event coverage. The very next day most of them were sacked.

So who exactly left Macworld? Dan Frakes, Phillip Michaels and Dan Moren. Senior Vice President and Editorial Director Jason Snell announced he was leaving the company in a decision that had been made prior to the layoffs; Serenity Caldwell also posted that she had given notice last week, and would be leaving the magazine at the end of the month. Dan Miller posted that he would be "here for another month to assist with the transition." Senior Editor Chris Breen apparently remains the only "big name" writer left with the publication.

Macworld will continue operating their website, with a reduced staff. They will also publish a digital edition via the Apple Newsstand. If you're a current print subscriber, look for information about your new subscription options in the November issue of the magazine.

Last year PC World, a magazine focused exclusively on Windows announced they were suspending their print edition. If a magazine focused on the most widely used operating system in the world cannot make print viable, who can?

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