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‘Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle’ Anime Announced


The cast of Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace and Nyarko-san, took the stage this weekend at the Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall to celebrate the 10th anniversary of light novel imprint GA Bunko (created in January 2006). The festival also announced new details for the previously announced A Chivalry of the Failed Knight and has now also announced that Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle light novel series will also be getting it’s own anime.

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle follows Lux, formerly a prince of an empire named Arcadia that was overthrown by a rebellion five years prior. Lux then meets a series of nobile girls, starting with the princess of the new kingdom after breaking into the bathroom of the girls’ dormitory.

Senri Akatsuki began the light novel series under SB Creative’s Bunk imprint in 2013 and Kadokawa is getting ready to ship the 6th novel on June 15th. Fumi Tadauri launched the manga adaption in Square Enix and GA Bunko’s collaborative Gangan GA online magazine last year and Square will publish the second compiled volume on June 12th with Itsuki Watanabe handling the manga’s composition.

Fans of the Spring release Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, will surely enjoy this new series and I can’t wait to hear more on it! Meanwhile, to keep us all tided over, here’s the first trailer release that reveals the main staff and introduces the main characters.

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iBooks Receives New Features on iOS 8.4


Apple is the only major online bookseller that actually sells content on the iPhone and iPad. Amazon, B&N and Kobo all make readers visit their websites and sync the content, which is a barrier for mainstream adoption. This summer a new version of iOS will be released and it will add a bunch of new content to iBooks.

The publishing industry has been embracing audiobooks in a big way. In 2007 a paltry 3,073 audiobook titles were produced and this figure rose exponentially to over 12,000 published in 2011. In 2013 over 20,000 audio editions were released and in 2014 over 35,000.

Apple has an extensive audiobook selection in the iTunes store and the source all of their content from Audible. This summer, the audiobook experience will be changing as it will be fully implemented into the iBooks app. This will obviously be shift the buying experience from iTunes into the iBookstore.

The second major change is that iPhone owners will have the chance to open e-books made with iBooks Author. In the past, these titles were only available on the iPad and often included audio, video and widgets.

It really looks like the iBooks app is going to be a bit more intuitive for iPhones and to a lesser extent iPads. I know many readers that are going to be excited about these changes.

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e-Book Revenue Increased by 11% in the UK


The e-book market in the United States has been fairly stable in the last two years, but in the United Kingdom it is a different story.  The UK Publishers Association is reporting that print revenues dropped 5% to £2.7 billion and e-book revenues rose by 11% to £563 million. This means that e-books now account for 35% of the overall book market, which is staggering.

How many parents are forging print books and giving their child a tablet or e-reader? The exact figure is subject to interpretation,  but there is no denying the fact that digital children's books are up 36%.

"It is great to see digital growth continuing and developing in more sectors of publishing. The rise in children's digital sales, while perhaps unsurprising given 71 percent of households now own a tablet, is testament to the innovation taking place in children's publishing and the engaging content being produced," said Richard Mollet, Chief Executive of the UK Publishers Association in a release.

At the end of the day, print continues to be the overwhelming popular choice when it comes to reading textbooks, kids books and novels. Digital though, is on the rise and with good reason. Amazon currently controls 95% of the e-book market in the UK, which means they are reaping the lion share of the £563 million.

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Despicable Katie’s Minion Pi

When we were at SXSW Create in Austin back in March, teaching hundreds of kids about Bash script, we met a young lady called Katie.

Katie looks unassuming, but she’s actually an evil genius.


Some guy who needs a shave, and Katie.

Some of the other kids we talked to during the three-day event hadn’t done a huge amount with a Raspberry Pi before (although we saw a lot of young people who were using Pis at school or home for Scratch programming or Minecraft); but there were some real experts among the crowd – and Katie, who came along to tell us all about what she’s been doing with her Raspberry Pi, and to get some tips, was the sinister stand-out.

Katie’s been using a Pi at home for some years for a number of projects, but her most ambitious yet is her Minion Pi, which she was preparing for a school science exhibition when we met her. Minion Pi is a customised Kossel Mini 3D printer driven by a Raspberry Pi 2 – Katie’s built a custom power supply and a custom user interface on an iPad using her phone as a hotspot, so the whole thing is completely self-contained. Why? She’s building an army of Minions, her first step towards world domination.


(An important note: Katie is eleven years old. Like most of us here at Pi Towers, when I was eleven I was mostly making forts in shrubbery and chewing stuff that wasn’t meant to be chewed; not building complicated computing systems.)

Katie made this board to explain how her project works. Click to embiggen.

Katie made this board to explain how her project works. Click to embiggen.

Here’s Katie’s diabolical contraption in action. (Printing Minions, naturally.)

Gru Katie mailed me to say:

I’ve still got some work to do on the project (Pi Cam should arrive on Thursday), but it’s running really, really well, and the Raspberry Pi makes it easy to control from my iPad, and made it really easy to take to school and demo. People are already paying me to print stuff!

Katie’s made a very detailed build diary available (she warns me that the server it’s on is easily overloaded, so it’s possible you may have to come back later to look at it). Congratulations, Katie: this is an amazingly polished project. Please look upon us kindly when you are Despicable World Queen.

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