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Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week – May 8 2014


This week we have a number of great new apps that have been released for Mothers Day. All of our apps can be downloaded from the Good e-Reader Android and Blackberry App Store.

NYTimes – Breaking News – Experience The New York Times's award-winning journalism. Get the latest news, elegantly presented with enhanced imagery, multimedia and streamlined navigation. Stay informed on world news, national news, business, the arts, technology, style, sports, food, travel, opinions and more.

Godzilla: Strike Zone – Join a squadron of military heroes on a dangerous mission to face the ultimate force of nature: GODZILLA. Experience the breathtaking high-altitude sky jump from the movie as you air-drop into a devastated San Francisco and embark on a series of first-person rescue missions to evacuate survivors before it's too late. Your courage has never been more needed than it is today.

ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup – Covering all major leagues and tournaments, the ESPN FC app brings you scores, news, features, blogs, player and team information, stats and much more in what is the most comprehensive football coverage from around the globe.

CSI: Hidden Crimes – CSI: Hidden Crimes is a Hidden Object Game where you'll find the atmosphere of the world famous TV show at the tip of your fingers. Team up with the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation crew to fight crime in Las Vegas!

3D Navy Simulation – Frigate – We're at the harbor, lots of army boats are there. Real battleships. You seem to be daydreaming about getting on that boat and get it anywhere in the world. Daydreaming about becoming a navy fighter for your country. Try to learn the beginnings here of the frigate boats in a cool 3D ship simulation game.

Popcornflix – Great Movies Free – Popcornflix is GREAT MOVIES FREE, the premium app for watching FREE feature length films on your Android phone and tablet! Download this FREE app to watch over 700 films instantly without any subscription or fees.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy – The few Alien Spaceships have crept into earth’s orbit with no warning.
The loss of global satellite communications puts the world in danger.
Survivors must fight using guerrilla tactics. Take control of your car and blast your way through the city to reach an alien’s base!

Doctor on Demand – Feeling under the weather? Have a medical question? Video chat with a great U.S. doctor immediately! No more waiting to see a physician. It's free to sign-up – with no subscription fees. Only $40 per appointment – same as a co-pay, much less than urgent care or the E.R.

Google Opinion Rewards – Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credits with Google Opinion Rewards, an app created by Google Consumer Surveys.

Hazumino Lite - Run, jump and build your way to new worlds and high scores in Hazumino, the game that combines relentless endless-runner with tricky block puzzle gameplay! Play with a range of characters in cool worlds, compete against your friends and become a Hazumino master!

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Apple May Integrate Beats Audio in Future iPad Products


Apple is in talks to buy Beats Audio for $3.2 billion dollars and integrate their technology into future iPhone and iPad products. This will boost the overall sound performance and give the company new headphones, speakers, docking stations and ear buds to sell.

The acquisition of Beats Audio makes sense for Apple. Earlier in the year Beats launched the Beats Music service, which is a competitor of Spotify, Pandora and Apple’s own iTunes Radio. Beats Music is, however, a subscription-based on-demand service, which could bolster Apple’s free station-based iTunes Radio service.

Apple has been talking about revising their entire iTunes experience to address declining media sales. Billboard reports that sales of tracks declined 5.7 percent, to 1.34 billion units, while album sales fell 0.1 percent, to 117.6 million. The Beats infrastructure would allow Apple to revamp iTunes without building a new one from scratch.

There is a ton of synergy between Beats and Apples streaming music services. Beats Music, which is available to subscribers for $9.99 per month, focuses heavily on curation. The company has hired music experts from popular radio stations around the country to create stations and playlists from the service’s 20 million song catalog. Apple has their own editorial team, and it would make sense to combine forces to dominate customized playlists. The two sides would dominate streaming radio service and put other companies like Tunein on notice.

HTC Corp. used to own a 51 percent stake in Beats, a controlling stake that it purchased for about $300 million. The company sold back 25 percent of Beats in 2012. In September, Carlyle Group LP bought a minority stake in the company.

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Oyster hits 500,000 eBooks


eBook subscription website Oyster has hit 500,000 eBooks, including bestsellers and uber popular books.  The milestone comes after an expanded partnership with HarperCollins to add 10,000 new titles from the publisher to the app, in addition to newly inked deals with more than 500 publishers. Oyster now features more than 1,600 publishing partners.

Oyster is only available to residents in the US who have an  iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. The company offers a free 30 day trial to get a sense on their collection and if the service makes sense to  you.  Newly available titles from HarperCollins include Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and many others.

"Our goal at Oyster has always been to provide the best reading experience in the world for our subscribers. Achieving that goal requires not only a well-designed reading experience, but also building the best and most diverse content library possible," said Eric Stromberg, Co-Founder and CEO at Oyster. "We're thrilled to make this latest update to our library and deliver new titles from the world's greatest publishers and authors."

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Weekly eHighlights: Teen Edition


Click here for the eHighlights Teen Edition May 8, 2014 One Copy/One User Cart

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Jennifer L. Armentrout – White Hot Kiss
Harlequin eBook

Seventeen-year-old Layla just wants to be normal–fit in at school, and go out on a real date with the gorgeous Zayne, whom she’s crushed on since forever. Trouble is, Zayne treats Layla like a sister–and Layla is anything but normal. She’s half demon, half gargoyle, with abilities no one else possesses.

200,000 print run. Romantic Times Most Anticipated YA Books of 2014.

David Baldacci – The Finisher
Scholastic audiobook

Vega Jane has never left the village of Wormwood. But this isn’t unusual — nobody has ever left the village of Wormwood. At least not until Quentin Herms vanishes into the unknown. Vega knows Quentin didn’t just leave — he was chased. And he’s left behind a very dangerous trail of clues that only she can decode.

Anne Blankman – Prisoner of Night and Fog
HarperCollins eBook

In 1930s Munich, danger lurks behind dark corners, and secrets are buried deep within the city. But Gretchen Müller, who grew up in the National Socialist Party under the wing of her uncle Dolf, has been shielded from that side of society ever since her father traded his life for Dolf’s, and Gretchen is his favorite, his pet. Publishers Weekly starred review.

Lucy Connors – The Lonesome Young
Penguin Group (USA) eBook

The Rhodales and the Whitfields have been sworn enemies for close on a hundred years, with a whole slew of adulterous affairs, financial backstabbing, and blackmailing that’s escalated the rivalry to its current state of tense ceasefire. And now a meth lab explosion in rural Whitfield County is set to reignite the feud more viciously than ever before. Especially when the toxic fire that results throws together two unlikely spectators—proper good girl Victoria Whitfield and town motorcycle rebel Mickey Rhodale. Romantic Times Most Anticipated YA Books of 2014

Huntley Fitzpatrick – What I Thought Was True
Penguin Group (USA) eBook

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to My Life Next Door is a magnetic, push-me-pull-me summer romance for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han. Gwen Castle’s Biggest Mistake Ever, Cassidy Somers, is slumming it as a yard boy on her idyllic Nantucket-esque island this summer. He’s a rich kid from across the bridge in Stony Bay, and she hails from a family of fishermen and housecleaners who keep the island’s summer people happy. Publishers Weekly starred review. An Amazon Best Book of the Month. 75,000 print run.

Kate Hattemer – The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy
Random House eBook

Witty, sarcastic Ethan and his three friends decide to take down the reality TV show, For Art’s Sake, that is being filmed at their high school, the esteemed Selwyn Arts Academy, where each student is more talented than the next. While studying Ezra Pound in English class, the friends are inspired to write a vigilante long poem and distribute it to the student body, detailing the evils of For Art’s Sake. But then Luke–the creative force behind the poem and leader of the anti-show movement–becomes a contestant on the nefarious show. An Amazon Best Book of the Month

Wendy Higgins – Sweet Reckoning
HarperCollins eBook

Beloved YA author Wendy Higgins delivers the explosive conclusion to the Sweet Evil trilogy. In this dramatic finale to the epic love story between Anna Whitt and Kaidan Rowe, the time has come for Anna, daughter of a guardian angel and a fallen one, to accept her fate as the chosen one. She is destined to rid the earth of demons once and for all. Goodreads Can’t Wait Books of 2014 #34.

Marie Lu – Prodigy
Penguin Group (USA) eBook and Dreamscape Media audiobook

Injured and on the run, it has been seven days since June and Day barely escaped Los Angeles and the Republic with their lives. Day is believed dead having lost his own brother to an execution squad who thought they were assassinating him. June is now the Republic’s most wanted traitor.

Sarah J. Maas – The Assassin's Blade
Bloomsbury USA eBook

Celaena Sardothien is her kingdom’s most feared assassin. Though she works for the powerful and ruthless Assassin’s Guild, Celaena yields to no one and trusts only her fellow killer for hire, Sam. When Celaena’s scheming master, Arobynn Hamel, dispatches her on missions that take her from remote islands to hostile deserts, she finds herself acting independently of his wishes—and questioning her own allegiance.

Amanda Maciel – Tease
HarperCollins eBook

From debut author Amanda Maciel comes a provocative and unforgettable novel, inspired by real-life incidents, about a teenage girl who faces criminal charges for bullying after a classmate commits suicide. 150,000 print run.

Elizabeth May – The Falconer
Chronicle Books eBook

Edinburgh, 1844. Beautiful Aileana Kameron only looks the part of an aristocratic young lady. In fact, she’s spent the year since her mother died developing her ability to sense the presence of Sithichean, a faery race bent on slaughtering humans. She has a secret mission: to destroy the faery who murdered her mother.

Mike Mullin – Sunrise
Perseus Books Group eBook

The Yellowstone supervolcano nearly wiped out the human race. Now, almost a year after the eruption, the survivors seem determined to finish the job. Communities wage war on each other, gangs of cannibals roam the countryside, and what little government survived the eruption has collapsed completely. Kirkus starred review.

Aprilynne Pike – Sleep No More
HarperCollins eBook

Charlotte Westing has a gift. She is an Oracle and has the ability to tell the future. But it doesn’t do her much good. Instead of using their miraculous power, modern-day Oracles are told to fight their visions–to refrain from interfering. And Charlotte knows the price of breaking the rules. 50,000 print run.

Philip Siegel – The Break-Up Artist
Harlequin eBook

Becca knows from experience the damage that love can do. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, Becca strikes back–for just one hundred dollars via PayPal, she will trick and manipulate any couple’s relationship into smithereens.

Laini Taylor – Dreams of Gods & Monsters
Hachette Digital eBook and Blackstone audiobook

Karou is still not ready to forgive Akiva for killing the only family she’s ever known. But when a brutal angel army trespasses into the human world, Karou and Akiva must ally their enemy armies against the threat—and against larger dangers that loom on the horizon. Romantic Times Most Anticipated YA Books of 2014. Goodreads Can’t Wait Books of 2014 #3. An Amazon Best Book of the Month.



Edgar Mitchell – Earthrise: My Adventures As an Apollo 14 Astronaut
Chicago Review Press/IPG eBook

Earthrise is a vibrant memoir for young adults featuring the life story of this internationally known Apollo 14 astronaut. The book focuses on Edgar’s amazing journey to the Moon in 1971 and highlights the many steps he took to get there.

Michelle Mulder – Every Last Drop: Bringing Clean Water Home
Orca eBook

Every Last Drop looks at why the world’s water resources are at risk and how communities around the world are finding innovative ways to quench their thirst and water their crops. School Library Journal starred review.

Ouisie Shapiro and Steven Vote – Autism and Me: Sibling Stories
Open Road Integrated Media eBook

Ouisie Shapiro’s inspiring book shows how children—and all of us—can grow in wisdom, acceptance, and love. Steven Vote’s warm photos capture the rich emotional life of these amazing families.

Sally M. Walker – Boundaries: How the Mason-Dixon Line Settled a Family Feud and Divided a Nation
Candlewick eBook

The Mason-Dixon Line’s history, replete with property disputes, persecution, and ideological conflicts, traverses our country’s history from its founding to today. Sibert Medal–winning author Sally M. Walker traces the tale of the Mason-Dixon Line through family feuds, brave exploration, scientific excellence, and the struggle to define a cohesive country. Kirkus starred review.

*Geographical rights may vary by title.


Thank you, Mom

Last month I wrote about my belief that reading and books can change lives. Now I'd like to share with you where that belief came from: my mom. Our mother is amazing for a variety of reasons. She taught third and fourth grade for nearly four decades but always managed to have dinner prepped for our family of six and any number of family members and friends that happened to be living with us at the time. She attended every play, sporting event or activity we were in and she always knows what to say when we are stressing out.

There are things my mother and I share that I'll always cherish: our yearly fall apple picking adventure, the conversation we had about growing up on the night before I left for college, decorating the house so it looked like Christmas exploded every winter, dancing to Rainbow Connection on my wedding day, Sunday church followed by amazing lunches and a deep appreciation for the importance of family. Perhaps the memory that has shaped the person I've become more than anything though is our constant “book trips.”

mothersdayIt started when I was very little. We would go to the Amherst Public Library for entire afternoons. I can still remember running up their stone staircase to the second floor where they kept the children's books. Whether we were there for story time or just so I could reread Where the Sidewalk Ends, The BFG, or any Seuss book for the 100th time these were always the best afternoons we'd spend together. As I got older, book trips grew as well. When I attended the school where mom taught, she'd give me money for the Book Fair. This gave way to afternoon trips to Barnes & Noble or Borders where we would buy stacks of books in every topic, creating a TBR bag of books that would nearly be ripping through the plastic.

Even now, many of our conversations turn to books. We have phone calls based entirely around what books I need to read, titles she should look for to add to her iPad, and what she's drudging through for her next book club meeting. In fact, just a few weeks back she was beaming on the phone telling me about how she'd gotten all of her group to join a waiting list for an eBook from their library. Always a teacher.

I'd like to think that my passion for reading would have grown organically, but thankfully my mom was there to make sure I didn't need to find out. I am who I am today for a variety of reasons and the path that led me to OverDrive has been filled with countless memorable people and experiences who have shaped what I've become. But it all started with a mother and a library card.

I love you mom. Happy Mother's Day

Adam Sockel is a Marketing Communications Specialist at OverDrive… and a bit of a momma's boy.

One simple tip to boost circulation

Through a recent analysis of our digital circulation activity, we uncovered the secret to boosting your digital circulation. The best part is that it's actually pretty easy. It's not buying a thousand copies of Divergent, although that would probably work, too. It's not a magic format, subject, or lending model either. It's a simple, tried-and-true method for boosting circulation by implementing one simple strategy. It works for small, medium, and large libraries alike, and it won't require any additional funds.

To learn this one simple secret and four others like it, sign up for our latest live webinar Top 5 Ways to Boost Digital Circulation. Registration is open now on the Learning Center.

While you're there, don't forget to sign up for the other webinars in our series:

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  • Marketplace Basics: Open Sessions (May 8) – Learn the basics of Marketplace purchasing.

Anders Brooks is a Training Specialist at OverDrive.

Use the PROPER Function to Capitalize Names in Excel

You may not realize that Excel can help you capitalize names, book titles, and other proper nouns correctly. Just use the PROPER function!

Picademy – UK teachers, apply to take part!

On 14th and 15th April we ran the first ever Raspberry Pi Academy for Teachers: 'Picademy' for short. We invited 24 teachers from all over the UK to come to Pi Towers and be part of a very different type of training programme. We had hoped — rather than expected — to attract educators from a range of backgrounds, schools and even subject areas who were open to trying something new with Raspberry Pi. What we got was 24 super-creative and innovative teachers who were willing to be learners and leaders; who were creative with ideas; and who are continuing to have an impact within their schools and communities with Raspberry Pi and Computing. As you can see from the new Picademy area of our forums, the graduates from the first Picademy have their own forum tag of 'Raspberry Pi Certified Educator' (and even a little enamel badge to wear). Some of the cohort have been interviewed by the MagPi magazine for a forthcoming issue, and some will be part of a panel discussion at the next Cambridge Raspberry Jam! I'm looking forward to hearing more from our first cohort about their school Raspberry Pi projects; and I’m looking forward to the resources that they will help us produce and test over the coming months. It is an exciting time for computing education! Picademy Following the success of the first Picademy, we will be running two more Picademy sessions on 16th–17th June and 14th–15th July.  If you would like to take part in either of these, then please fill out the application form. We welcome applications from teachers from any subject areas, not just computing; there is a lot of cross-curricular activity available for subjects from art to geography. We'd also like you to provide a link to either a video, a blog post, or an audio recording on the topic of 'Being a 21st century teacher' (maximum length for audio and video is one minute). Attending Picademy is free, and we’ll feed you while you’re here too (although you or will have to pay for overnight accommodation in Cambridge). Please note that at this time we are only accepting applications from people who are classroom teachers at schools in the UK. Finally, if you still have any doubts as to whether Picademy is for you, here’s what some of our new Raspberry Pi Certified Educators had to say after the first Picademy:

Thanks for the fantastic two days at Picademy. You must have put so much effort into it and it was brilliant. Best CPD I have ever been on – and it was FREE!!! Many thanks – ED Thanks so much for inviting me to the event. I have come away with so many ideas which I will start implementing into the school classrooms and then hopefully into other schools at events. – RD Thank you so much for a lovely two days – My mind is buzzing with ideas. – LD I've been playing around with Scratch and Minecraft, and have some code now that links the two together – it was so easy to develop after the workshop we had! I'll put it on GitHub when I'm happy with it. – RJ

Sony Exiting eBook Markets in Europe and Australia

Now that the Sony to Kobo transition is complete in the United States and Canada, Sony has announced that they are giving up their other markets too. The Sony ebook stores in Europe and Australia are being closed down and all accounts are being sent to Kobo. It’s not surprising given the closures in the […]

Sony Reader Store to Close in the UK, Germany, Austria, and Australia June 16th


Sony is officially getting out of the eBook selling business and has just announced the closure of their UK, Germany, Austria, and Australia Reader Stores. The stores will shut down for good on June 16th 2014 and all books will be transitioned over to Kobo.

Last month Sony officially shuttered their North American Reader Store and transitioned all of their customers to Kobo. All Sony branded e-readers received firmware updates that removed the store and a future update will add the Kobo Store to all Sony devices.

Sony is abandoning selling books in every single market in the world now. The company has found it can remain profitable outsourcing all of the bookselling business to Kobo and earn commissions on every sale. All current and future Sony e-Readers and Xperia tablets and smartphone users will be able to buy books from Kobo in their own country. Kobo currently operates dedicated bookstores in UK, Germany, Austria, and Australia, so the transition will be smooth.

Existing European and Australian Sony customers will be receiving emails in the coming weeks with full instructions on how copy their books to Kobo. It is important to note that just the store is shutting down and you will be able to read your books the way you have always have. This is useful because not all Sony books are compatible with Kobo, especially magazines, newspapers and older books in LRF format.

Sony was one of the first companies to get into the e-reader industry back in 2006. The also started one of the first online digital bookstores and dominated the e-reader market until early 2012. They saw increased competition from Apple, Amazon, B&N and Kobo. Instead of fighting it out with cheaper book prices and e-readers, they decided just to scrap selling books and focus on tablets and smartphones.

"We are delighted to be working with Sony to reach the most passionate Readers in Europe and Australia, by bringing the Kobo world to Reader Store customers – keeping them reading their favourite stories," said Takahito Aiki, CEO, Kobo. "Both companies share the goal of putting the most passionate booklovers at the centre of the reading experience. This means providing the best experience through innovative technology coupled with a vast and comprehensive digital reading ecosystem."

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