Monday, June 10, 2013

Penguin Book Truck Takes Off on US Road Trip


It’s big, it’s orange, and it’s on the move. Branded with the iconic Penguin logo and orange color scheme, a food truck-sized vehicle is making its way around the country, selling books and promoting the Penguin family of titles.

“The Penguin Book Truck was inspired by several things,” said John Fagan, Vice President & Director of Marketing at Penguin, in a blog post announcing the launch of the vehicle. “Back in 2010 when we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Penguin Books, we acquired and designed the Penguin Car, a Mini-Cooper, painted Penguin Orange, with our famous brand all over it. The car was a great hit, visiting some of our most prominent authors in their hometowns across the U.S., and hosting anniversary celebrations at their local bookstores.”

The Book Truck made its debut at the recent BookExpo America conference, and from there will go on a national tour to cities such as Chicago for the ALA Conference, Hartford, Connecticut, for Tom Sawyer Day, and more. The truck will also be on the road to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Grapes of Wrath by traveling from Oklahoma to California on the same route that carried the historically famous Okie migrants during the Dust Bowl era.

Other stops on the book truck tour will Sallisaw, OK; Oklahoma City, OK; Canyon, TX; Albuquerque, NM; Flagstaff, AZ; Bakersfield, CA. For a complete look at the cities and the planned dates, as well as updates from the Book Truck’s travels, follow the truck on Twitter at @PenguinBkTruck.

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Book Stacking Techniques Taking Japan by Storm

bjkdwktcyaebyw-largeMany of the worlds leading publishers are now seeing 25% of their entire book sales stem from digital content. This figure should dramatically increase in the next few years and the traditional bookstores are fighting for their lives. One thing that might draw customers back into the fold is the art of book stacking.

In Japan, book stacking is taking the country by storm. With all of the manga and comic shops, it takes a fair bit to get noticed. This has prompted the industry to try and outdo each other with solid book display designs. People are flocking to the bookstores in record numbers to check out the new ways artists are stacking books.

The trend of stacking books is going viral on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. A movement is taking shape with who can take the best pictures of the displays, and often are buying the physical book as keep sake.

Book Display art is something that never took root in North America, as ergonomic design and the scientific approach, takes precedence over artistic sensibilities ability. Sure the odd boutique fashion store, goes the extra mile to really do up their front window, but bookstores themselves are static and uninspiring.

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