Friday, August 15, 2014

Icarus Illumina E653 e-Reader Unboxing

illumina header2

Icarus has refreshed their e-reader lineup with Android 4.2 and the ability for users to load in their own apps. This dandy unit has support for EPUB, Mobi, PDF and has a stellar front-lit display to allow you to read in the dark.

Icarus is a Netherlands based company and has been making a name for themselves releasing high quality e-readers. Today we unbox the brand new unit and show you everything that comes in the box. Additionally, we boot it up for the first time, showing you the various menus and what type of default apps are installed.

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Roundtable – The History and Future of Sony e-Readers


Michael Kozlowski and Peter Carotenuto of Good e-Reader have another roundtable discussion on the evolution of the Sony consumer e-Reader brand. They discuss important milestones, such as the advent of touch, the incorporation of a stylus and releasing the first front-lit e-reader.

The entire e-reader industry owes Sony a debt of gratitude for pioneering major technologies. The company has announced exclusively to Good e-Reader that they are abandoning the consumer space and that the PRS-T3 e-reader will be the last one they make. Instead, they are focusing on the business segment with the Sony DPT-S1 Digital Paper.

During the roundtable we discuss the ramifications of exiting the eBook and e-reader space, how Kobo is benefiting and how the customers are responding to dealing with a new ecosystem.

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Contest: Win an Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7

KindleFire HDX 8_9

Welcome back to another Good e-Reader Contest where we orchestrate giveaways for all of the different review units we get! A few weeks ago we gave away a brand new Sony PRS-350 e-reader and today we have the latest generation tablet from Amazon, the Kindle Fire HDX 7.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 features a seven inch capacitive multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. The resolution is a huge upgrade from the previous generation which only had 1280 x 800. HD videos on Netflix and HD comics from Comixology are the most noticeable improvements.

Underneath the hood is a quad-core 2.2 GHZ processor and 2 GB of RAM. You have different models for storage and the entry level model has 16 GB of internal memory. When you take it out of the box for the first time there is only 8.8 GB of memory to play with and there is no expandable memory via SD.

We will do the draw for the Kindle Fire HDX on August 29th and you can watch it live on YouTube. To enter, you simply have to LIKE the contest video, subscribe to the channel and drop a comment on the CONTEST VIDEO.

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Exploring the Sony Digital Paper (DPT-S1)

Sony Digital Paper

The Sony Digital Paper (DPT-S1) is the first e-paper device exclusively aimed at the corporate audience. It is billed as a replacement for paper and the primarily job is to view, edit and send the PDF documents across your corporate network. Today, we take a fairly advanced look at this device, exploring all of the features, menus and options.

When we do our traditional review video, we have to be careful not to show you everything, otherwise it would take almost 30 minutes. Today, we simply look at all of the core-functionality. We look at every single settings menu when you are editing a document, how the internet browser performs and all of the settings. This will give you a behind the scenes look on what exactly are the strengths and limitations behind Digital Paper.

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Video: e-Reading Experience on the Sony Digital Paper


The Sony Digital Paper (DPT-S1) is billed as a PDF Viewer and editor that is a replacement for Paper. This device is certainly not billed as an e-Reader to read your favorite eBooks. Although, it is possible.

Today we look at the eBook experience on the Sony Digital Paper. It is possible to convert EPUB or MOBI books with no DRM into a PDF, using tools like Calibre. There is also a number of online bookstores that sell content in the PDF format, with no DRM. The DPT-S1 is not registered with Adobe, so you will not be able to view any type of protected document.

We explore how an eBook downloaded from Project Gutenberg looks and what type of options are available. It is important to note there are no dictionaries or font options. The only way to make text larger is via pinching and zooming.

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How to Install Apps From Google Play on Icarus Illumina HD

While working on the article about the firmware update for the new Icarus Illumina HD, I came across an interesting help article on Icarus’s support website that describes how to install apps from Google Play on the Illumina HD. The Illumina HD runs open Android 4.2, and it can install Android apps, but it does […]

Icarus Illumina HD (E653 series) Firmware Update

The folks at Icarus sent over an email about a software update for the new Android-powered Illumina HD that I just got in for review last week. The update adds some new features and fixes some bugs. It’s a good thing I haven’t posted a video review yet because now things are quite a bit […]

Barnes and Noble Releases Promo Video for New Nook Tablet


Barnes and Noble is having a press event on August the 20th and will be formally unveiling the new tablet they have co-developed with Samsung. In order to create some buzz the Nations largest bookseller has done something radically different from other product launches, hype.

B&N has borrowed a page out of Amazons playbook and created a new online commercial that features hardcore readers gushing over the new tablet. The essence of the video is looking at the reactions of first time users. This enhances the expectation that the software powering the Nooks will be radically different than anything seen before.

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Huge content sale now live!

The biggest content sale of the year is going on right now! Just in time for our Northern Hemisphere partners to prepare for back to school, and our Southern Hemisphere partners to get a mid-year digital catalog boost, we are offering major discounts on hundreds of thousands of titles.

Starting today, August 15, through September 30, more than 70 publishers and 200,000 titles are on sale up to 50 percent off. Participating publishers include Chronicle, Scholastic, DK, Abrams, Wiley, Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Encyclopedia Brittanica, Bloomsbury, Kensington, Macmillan, Books on Tape and many more. Find great deals on popular eBooks, audiobooks, streaming videos and OverDrive Read titles.

From professional development titles for educators, to children’s and YA fiction and nonfiction, to test prep and specific subjects, this sale includes a wide variety of academic and entertainment reads.

Shop titles by savings level (30%, 40% or 50%), by age/grade level, themed collections, international collections, or all available sale titles by visiting or go to OverDrive Marketplace and click on “Back to School Sale.”

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Diversity for your OverDrive collection

Diversity is a fundamental value of public libraries. Your physical collections represent the diversity of the people and ideas in your community and society. Have you done the same for your digital collection?

Having a diverse collection is vital to ensure high circulation and reader satisfaction. We have curated a selection of lists that cover a vast range of different cultures and experiences to assist you in building diversity within your digital collection. When you click the links below, they will show up as a Marketplace search result and you’ll be able to easily add them to a cart.


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Onyx Boox T68 Tips and Tricks Guide (+Video)

This article is dedicated to listing various tips and tricks for the Onyx Boox T68 Lynx. Please note that there are different models available, as described in the Boox T68 review. Some of the tips below may differ slightly for certain models. Feel free to leave your own tips and recommend apps for the Boox […]

Pi Wars

Helen: This December will see a Cambridge Raspberry Jam with a difference; we’re giving you all plenty of notice, so that you have time to prepare. We’ll let organisers Michael Horne and Tim Richardson tell you all about it.

Pi Wars

On 6th December this year, the Cambridge Raspberry Jam (CamJam) will play host to the first ever dedicated Raspberry Pi robotics competition: Pi Wars. Named after the BBC series Robot Wars, this competition is challenge-based and is similar to a 'robot olympics'. Robots will take part in challenges to score points and, as we all know, points mean prizes! Our aim isn't to have robots destroy each other – we want people to compete to show what they've managed to get their robots to do!

We've put together some overall rules for the competition which you can read here.

The robot challenges are as follows:

  • Line Follower
  • Obstacle Course
  • Proximity Alert
  • Robot Golf
  • Straight Line Speed Test
  • Sumo Battle
  • Three Point Turn
  • Aesthetics
  • Code Quality

You can read a full description of each challenge by visiting this page.

We've also got some side-competitions into which competing robots are automatically entered:

  • Smallest robot
  • Best non-competing robot
  • Best autonomous robot
  • Most feature-rich robot
  • The Jim Darby Prize for Excessive Blinkiness
  • Most innovative robot
  • Most visually appealing robot

We're also hoping to have some non-competing robots in our Show-and-Tell area.

A robot

We are expecting (okay, hoping!) to have 16 robot competitors. This will give us a nice sized competition without having so many that we're there until midnight :-) We're even hoping that it will be an international competition – we've already had interest from a team in Egypt! Obviously, we'll also have tickets available for spectators, of which we're expecting between 100 and 150.

We are looking for sponsors to supply prizes for the competition and you can get more information on that by visiting this page.

Registration for the competition opens on 15th September and registration for spectator tickets will open sometime in late October/early November. We're hoping that it will be an extremely popular event… Who knows? This could be the start of an annual event!

If you'd like to read more about Pi Wars, visit