Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sony Will No Longer Sell the Digital Paper e-reader


The Sony Digital Paper has been a huge success story and this product has proved there is a market for large screen e-readers in our professional lives. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and it looks like Sony will be shuttering their existing e-commerce website on August 28th at 1PM.

Sony initially begun to sell the Digital Paper through its 3rd party vendors because it did not have the infrastructure to sell this device directly. The vendor program was a little bit too successful, and companies like Worldox were chronically sold out. Sony had to do something about it, and they decided to open up a phone line, where customers could call in and place an order over the phone. Many customers told us that this process was much akin to an interrogation where they asked your level of technological expertise and sometimes refused to sell it. This occured primarily because Sony did not have a customer service system for the DPT-S1 and they had to make sure whoever was going to buy one knew what they were doing.

In August of last year, Sony begun to sell the Digital Paper online for the first time, allowing anyone in the US to order one. A month later they opened up a customer service system to assist in troubleshooting common problems.

The Future of the Digital Paper is currently unknown. The message on the Sony site says that they are working with their partners to unveil a new service, but there is an air of finality that once August 28th passes, you won’t be able to order a Digital Paper online.

W. W. Norton titles are now available in OverDrive Marketplace!


If you live anywhere near OverDrive's Cleveland headquarters, it's entirely possible you've heard some extra shouts of happiness coming from our Blue Sky Campus today. See, as librarians we know how frustrating it can be to want to recommend a particular title to a patron only to find that the book just isn't available, which is why the OverDrive team is excited to announce that we now have an extensive list of W.W. Norton titles in our catalog!

Below you’ll find some of the titles we’re most excited about:


A Clockwork Orange

The Dream of a Common Language

The Feminine Mystique

Fight Club

Guns, Germs, and Steel

Helter Skelter


Rosemary's Baby

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

The Talented Mr. Ripley


True Grit


You can add these titles and nearly 2,000 more today from W. W. Norton today in OverDrive Marketplace.


*Title availability may vary by geographic location*

Science lessons with the camera board

Before we get down to it today, a quick notice: Matt Timmons-Brown, freshly released from GCSE exam hell, will be dropping in to do some video interviews for his Raspberry Pi Guy YouTube channel next week. Do you have any questions you’d like him to put to Eben? Let us know in the comments.

Steve Foster is a Computer Science and Science teacher in the UK. He’s been using the camera board to make demos for science lessons: we’ve shown you before how to make time-lapse or slow-motion video, but Steve’s been putting both of those to really good use across the curriculum. We thought these videos were such a good demonstration of how you can use the Pi outside Computing lessons that they deserved a wider audience – and they’re fascinating to watch even if you’re not at school any more. Enjoy!




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