Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kobo H2O and Glo Firmware 3.13.1 Available in Japan


Kobo has published a new firmware update for their first waterproof e-reader and the recently discontinued Glo model in Japan. The updates not only fix a nagging WIFI issue that required constant password input but shed some new light on one of the companies yet announced products.

One of the main benefits of the Kobo line of e-readers is that they have a simplified way of customizing your e-book experience and a very advanced one.  Some users have reported that this new firmware update enhances the fonts at lower weights.  There is also an expanded list of font sizes, which appeal to people who want more flexibility at medium level.

Buried in the new firmware is also the new UI for the upcoming Kindle Voyage killer.  This is the 300 PPI variant that Kobo is secretly working on, code named Alyssum.

It might be strange that we are reporting on news in Japan, but since Kobo is now a Japanese company, many new features will likely appear in this market first and then to residents in North America and Europe.

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