Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hullabalu Releases New Kids App and Targets Tablet Segment For Greater Growth


Hullabalu, the company that specializes in developing apps for children's entertainment and is fairly bullish on being a serious player in the kid's tablet segment. Towards this, the company has already come up with its second app in the Pandora series. The company had earlier launched Pan: The Fearless Beribolt which had shot to the top among kid's preferences within just weeks. Kids keep returning back to the story that dwells on a courageous young panda trying to find her parents.

Hullabalu's new found strategy to target the kids using tablet devices is based on hard facts. For as part of a study conducted by Mixpanel, the majority or about 77 percent kids have been found to engage with apps on a tablet while just 10 percent do the same on smartphone devices. About 75 percent of tablet owners have also stated they don't mind their kids spending time with tablet devices while 20 percent said they would encourage their kids to using tablet devices if their were enough educational content available.

"We wanted to create content that's enjoyable for anyone at any age," said Hullabalu founder Suzanne Xie who is seeing ample opportunities in the way things stand right now. "We also wanted to create a story that allows kids to grow up with it. As they age, they will be able to look back on it and see more things.

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Video Comparison: Apple iPad Air vs Apple iPad 3


The Apple iPad Air is the 5th generation tablet to officially be released and hit store shelves on November 1st. Apple tends to slowly refine their devices and many people often ask if there is a compelling enough reason for them to upgrade from previous devices. Today we check out the new iPad Air and the 3rd generation iPad to see if older models are still completely viable or if the new version blows it away.

The Apple iPad 3, 4, 5 all have relatively the same cameras, resolution. The only thing that has changed in the upgrade path is the GPU and CPU processor. I like the new slimmer bezel on the Air and the fact it weighs almost 40% less than prior iPad models. This makes it easier to hold for longer reading and gaming sessions.

Today in our Good e-Reader Comparison Video we put the iPad 3 and Air side by side. We look the same comic book, newspaper, magazine, eBook and HD video from Netflix. Is there a world of difference between the old or new, or is it rather negligible? If you are thinking of upgrading from an older model to the Air, this video is for you.

Video Comparison: Apple iPad Air vs Apple iPad 3 is a post from: E-Reader News