Sunday, September 7, 2014

Selfie Brush Proves Smartphone Accessories are Getting Ridiculous


At the risk of dating myself a little bit here, I remember watching Saturday Night Live many years ago when they began airing their television commercial parodies. The commercials were always advertising a product that was overly ridiculous… but just realistic enough that you were left wondering for a few moments whether they were legitimate. When taking a look at the Selfie Brush iPhone case, feelings of skepticism (and sadness for the direction society seems to be taking) are perfectly natural.

When the iPhone case is described by the designer as ‘the brush that has everyone talking’, it may seem like a clever pun (that probably goes over the heads of most people that would be shopping for this kind of thing). It may also raise a number of questions, not the least of which being: when is the last time you wished you had a smartphone lodged inside your huge rubber hairbrush?


It may be easy to find. It may be the perfect social media tool. It may also be a brush that gives you professional results. It’s also ridiculous (and I dare you to use one in front of me).

After reading about how the Selfie Brush promises to prep for perfect photographs by adding volume to my luscious locks while also giving me the perfect angle by using the brush handle to hold my smartphone above eye level, I’ve started to wonder how I have managed to live this long without one.

Available for around $25 USD, it’s just cheap enough that I’m tempted to buy a few as gag gifts –but I refuse to contributed to any success this product sees.

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Ikea Lambasts eBooks with BookBook Campaign


The quintessential Ikea catalog is every young adults decorating bible for their first few urban apartments. In a new marketing campaign, Ikea is hyping a nonvolatile data medium storage device, otherwise known as a book.

Ikea is borrowing a page out of Apples playbook by constructing an online commercial for their new catalog. They make light of the fact that you are using a real book, and not an e-reader, tablet or eBook. This is a great satirical campaign that is likely to leave you in stitches.

Ikea Lambasts eBooks with BookBook Campaign is a post from: Good e-Reader