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Video Review of the Skytex Skypad SP727


Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video Review. Today we are looking at the brand new Skytex Skypad SP727 Android tablet. How does it handle HD video, eBooks or top end games? We let you know exactly what to expect if you are thinking about buying this.

The SkyPad SP727 has seven inch display screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600. Underneath the hood is a Cortex-A9 1.3 GHz quad-core Processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB Storage. You can elect to expand it up to 32 GB via the Micro SD if that is not enough for you.

Running on one of the latest Android operating systems, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the SP727 is equipped for you to surf the web, play apps, and read eBooks.

The Skytex Skypad definitely contends with the big boys of 2014. Skytex really goes out of their way to make app discovery both simple and plentiful. HDMI out, a corner mounted camera, and enough processing power to run any app or game available in today's market makes the Skytex Skypad SP727 a quick, affordable, robust little tablet.

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Female Authors Overwhelmingly Depend on their Husbands to Write eBooks


There is no denying that the Romance and Erotica genres are hot right now and the industry is mainly written by female indie authors. If you look at the iBooks the current top 100 authors is 64% written by women, Amazon has 56% and the Publishers Weekly top 25 has been dominated by women almost 100% for the last six months. Why is the vast majority of fiction and nonfiction writers women?

The primary reason the vast majority of women are bestselling authors or aspiring writers trying to get their big break is because they rely on their husbands to generate the household income why they explore “their passion.” Many women authors have been quite vocal about how they are able to do what they love and rely on someone else to manage their life and keep the lights on.

One author recently mentioned “Health issues forced me from the work place even before the economic downturn. Now my hobby is looking like it will support me as well as a 'real job' would have, all within the next few years. Can I say hooray?” Another author said “I had pretty much quit my day job to get a Master's Degree, but knew I’d have to go back to work as soon as I was done with classes. So, I began planning for it and while in the middle of writing papers – wrote my first two books. We can't live without my husband's salary / insurance yet.”

Patrice Fitzgerald recently commented “I practiced law for 15 years but gave that up to write nearly 20 years ago now, getting close several times to the brass ring of a traditional deal and even a TV movie option, but never closing. Finally jumped into self-publishing in 2011, and now make a steady income from my own ebooks as well as a couple of other authors I publish. My husband works, and my income stream wouldn't allow us to live the way we want to, but I'm going in the right direction so that he'll be able to retire in about two years and I'll support us both. I'm looking forward to the day I make more than the six figures I did as a lawyer way back when…”

Author k Baylor recently mentioned “I decided to quit my stressful day job at the end of January. I convinced my husband to allow me to pursue my dream of writing full time for a few months. I paid a few bills in advance to keep immediate pressure at bay and set out to do what I loved. For the first two months I worked primarily on my successful blog that helps other writers get information on publishing trends. After a bit of research I decided to start making writing my career. I write primarily in the erotica genre and published my first story on April 26th this year. So far I have five books live on Amazon as of today, many of those five titles were added at the end of this month (May) with over seven more in my pipeline. I have sold over 40 copies within my first month so I'm hopeful that it will increase with the amount of books I have for sale. I generally write under a pen name and have decided to write series under the romance genre as well.”

Aspiring author G.S Jensen is happy about her situation “I politely "fired" all my editorial and programming clients on May 1st in order to write full-time. I am blessed with a wonderful husband who has a well-paying job; as such, the amount I need to contribute to our budget is relatively small. Even so, we waited until I had earned enough to cover that amount for twelve months before deciding I could take the leap.”

There are hundreds of different women authors who rely on their husbands in order to pursue a career in writing. The vast majority fail and their only sales stem from family members and get lost in the slush pile. The few with a keen entrepreneurial spirit, savvy social media marketing and read editorials by Hugh Howey or JA Konrath stand the best chance at making it.

There is no denying that the vast majority of self-published bestsellers on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords are by women. According to Author Earnings 59% of all Romance books are published by females, why? They simply are in better positions to be able to write and not worry about financially contributing. It is no small wonder that Sylvia Day and Stephenie Meyer managed to get their start and spend so much time online, and write, they had nothing else to do.

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eBook Review: Sweet Tooth by Tim Anderson

Verdict: 5 Stars

Sweet Tooth has every right to be filled with teen angst, only it’s too funny to be dark. Author Tim Anderson, who was available at a book launch party timed in conjunction with BookExpo America, is as funny in person as he is on the page, and his natural personality and voice come through in his tale that has every right to be a difficult and sensitive subject.

Anderson spoke to Good e-Reader about the subject of the book and the publishing process.

“It’s basically a gay, diabetic memoir of an adolescent in the eights. It starts when I’m fifteen years old when two striking events happened to me. Number one was my discovery of gay porno mags, and number two was my diagnosis as a Type I diabetic. I was a very religious little boy at the time, and I thought I was being punished for the former with the latter. In the summer of ’88 I was diagnosed with the high blood sugar they’d ever seen, and the book has these two threads going on.”

While adapting to both of these truths about himself, Anderson paints certain scenes in this disconnected, third-person way that almost reads like a movie happening within the book. During the times in the story when the author’s blood sugar spikes and he’s out of himself, the reader is treated to the scene through the eyes of an outsider narrator.

The cast of characters are as diverse and eclectic as any family and friends that most of us have but could be a little hard to understand at times; more importantly, though, (spoiler alert) an important character plays a role in the author’s story at the end of the book.

Sweet Tooth is available now.

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Top 10 Blackberry Apps of the Week – May 25 to June 1 2014


Welcome to our first installment of the Top 10 Blackberry Apps of the week! Much akin to our Android list we compile once a week we will focus on a combination of native apps available on Blackberry World and ported apps available on Good e-Reader.

Good e-Reader is the only mainstream website with advanced tools to allow the public to convert Android files to Blackberry Files. Learn more about our free APK TO BAR convertor. We spend around 30 hours a week testing popular Android apps on Blackberry devices such as the Playbook and Blackberry 10 OS. We recognize that Blackberry World is severely lacking with quality apps and no serious developers really make Blackberry a priority. This is why you won’t find Pinterest, Snapchat, Netflix, Hulu, or a thousand other great apps. We have them on our store and will showcase the best apps in a dedicated weekly segment.

Are you new to sideloading Blackberry Apps on your Z10, Z30, Q5, Q10 or Playbook? Learn more about the process involved with our easy to use software and tutorial videos HERE.

Snap2chat  - Snap2Chat is the first and only native Snapchat client available for the BlackBerry 10 platform. It offers features available in Snapchat for iOS and Android in addition to multiple features available exclusively for the BlackBerry 10 platform.

iGrann – The first full native and free client for Instagram on BlackBerry 10 is here. It is not just an Instagram viewer, it is a fully featured app.

Food Network In the Kitchen – Get instant access to your favorite Food Network chefs and thousands of their most popular recipes with In the Kitchen, the award-winning, top-rated recipe app, now available for FREE!

OLYMPUS Image Share – Paired with a compatible Olympus camera, the OLYMPUS Image Share smartphone app makes shooting more enjoyable than ever. With this app, images captured with an Olympus camera can easily be imported to a smartphone, and shared with family and friends. With OLYMPUS Image Share you can actually add Art Filters, one of the most popular features on Olympus cameras, to imported photos, use your smartphone as a remote control to a compatible Olympus camera, and also add GPS tags to photos.

Piano Tiles
  - DON'T TAP ANY WHITE PIANO TILES is the only rule in this game. Game Over if you tap on the white tile. Test your speed and accuracy with this simple cool game! Download Piano Tiles NOW!

Swarm – Swarm, the new app from Foursquare, is the fastest way to keep up and meet up with your friends. With Swarm, you can easily see who's out nearby and who wants to hang out later.

OI File Manager – OI File Manager allows you to browse your SD card, create directories, rename, copy, move, and delete files. It also acts as an extension to other applications to display "Open" and "Save" dialogs.

Word Shift : Spell Skills – Improve your spelling/vocabulary skills while playing this uniquely fresh word game. Top multiplayer word puzzle game with realtime leaderboard ranking and online competition.

Calculator Pro – Calculator Pro is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. You can enjoy using a standard calculator for basic operations or extend it into a scientific one for more complex calculations. Just tilt your Android device into the landscape mode!

CNET Video+ – If you are a tech lover, and you have an Android device, you need the free CNET Video+ app. We bring you the best tech shows, gadget reviews, and all the event coverage you live for. CNET stars, including Brian Cooley, Molly Wood, Brian Tong, and Sharon Vaknin, reveal tech secrets that help you get the most out of your tech.

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