Friday, July 24, 2015

You can now merge end user barcodes and IDs

We at OverDrive strive to give the people what they want which is why we are thrilled to introduce a new end-user support tool, in OverDrive Marketplace, that allows library and school staff to easily merge activity from one barcode to another. Just think, all those new cards your library issues can now be merged, easily and most importantly, quickly without delay to your end users! They can continue to borrow their favorite digital titles using their new ID/Card/Barcode/Username etc. without hassle.

The tool to merge barcode activity has been a popular request among our partners and will help your staff act quickly to ensure end users retain all OverDrive activity (checkouts, holds, wish lists, etc.). You'll find the new tool in the End-user support section on the Support tab in Marketplace. Like the other end-user support features, "End-user support" permission is required to access it.

The tool allows barcodes to be merged one at a time. When a user is issued a new barcode, simply enter the original barcode and the new barcode within the tool. (If your library uses a value other than barcode for user verification (e.g. record ID, username, token ID), enter that value.) Search, verify you've selected the correct barcodes, and click Merge. After merging, activity will be associated with the new barcode immediately. Easy as that!

If you have any questions about this exciting new feature, please contact your Collection Specialist today!

Christina Samek is a Launch Specialist with OverDrive.

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