Friday, July 24, 2015

Pocketbook Touch Lux 2 Gets New Firmware


Pocketbook has just updated their Touch Lux 2 e-reader with firmware 5.9. It brings a slew of new features, including a user friendly setup process if you factory reset your device and support for a brand new PDF rendering engine.

New Features

1. User-friendly setup wizard which starts during firmware update or factory reset.
2. PDF Files have been optimized to open quicker and provide a more robust experience. If you have files over 100 MB, the e-reader can now open these properly.
3. Browser app enhancements.
4. Improved general Device performance.
5. Added support of Dyslexic font.


1. Incorrect notes display in books in DjVu format (in some cases).
2. Other minor changes.

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