Saturday, July 18, 2015

Microsoft Cortana for Android Now Available on Good e-Reader


Microsoft has been teasing an Android version of their voice assistant, Cortana for months. We got a hold of the full version of the app and it is now available on the Good e-Reader App Store.

When users download the app they'll need to agree to Microsoft's Terms of Service and then provide Cortana with a name they'd like to be called. Then they're asked to provide the username and password for their Microsoft Account, just like all of the apps coming from the company lately.

Cortana acts as a digital assistant. She provides users with the information they request and uses what she learns about users to give them information she thinks they need. On Windows 10 release day users will find a Cortana experience that connects directly to their email and calendar apps to send messages to contacts and provide a breakdown of the day's events. She can set reminders and alarms. She can even play specific albums or songs on request.

This is a very excellent app and is the full free retail copy that will debut towards the end of the month.

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