Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wattpad Quote Art Helps Stories Go Viral on Social Media


Traditionally e-Book companies that hype up sharing book quotes on social media are relegated to plain text. Wattpad is doing something quite different, they have devised a new system that takes a quote and allows people to generate pretty backgrounds to help stories go viral on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr.

This new quote sharing feature that not devised due to a the company having it on their strategic road map. Instead it was created on  Hack Friday, where the Wattpad team is given free reign to work on unique projects that support their users. Quote Art is available exclusively on mobile and has been fully integrated into the Wattpad iOS and Android apps.


Getting started is really simple , to create Quote Art users highlight text and select the Quote Art icon. Then they choose from one of several curated images, or can upload their own. The Quote Art is then ready to share on the network of their choice.

When this project was first introduced on June 24th 2015 over 35 million quotes have been shared on social media within a month. This is a testament to how popular the Toronto company has become with user generated stories.

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