Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Axis 360 eBooks are no longer compatible with e-readers


Baker & Taylor has been involved in the digital library space for many years. Their e-book lending solution has proved to be quite popular with users because their EPUB format worked on a myriad of e-readers such as the Barnes and Noble Nook and Kobo. This has all changed with the advent of the new 360 app, that now forces customers to use it and excludes all other devices.

Yesterday Baker & Taylor released their next generation Axis 360 for Android and iOS. In order to read digital content you borrow from the library you need to download or update this app. Why? Well, B&T has suspended their licensing agreement with Adobe, which was costing them an arm and a leg in subscription fees. The lack of Adobe DRM means that you can no longer sideload e-books onto your favorite e-reader and its now cheaper to serve audiobooks and e-books within an app, because its more secure.

The only silver lining to the enhanced 360 app is that users no longer need to have Acoustik, Blio or axisReader apps to experience digital audiobooks or ebooks, as all titles open directly in the new Axis 360 application. Users also have access to their bookshelf of borrowed material – "My Stuff" – seamlessly from all their devices – desktop, tablets and smartphones.

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