Sunday, August 9, 2015

Should Amazon Release a Large Screen e-Reader?


Amazon has an extensive track record for developing six inch e-readers and has done it consistently since 2007.  These devices may be pocket friendly, but some people have been lamenting a wider array of screen choices. Should Amazon develop a large screen e-reader?

In 2009 Amazon made a departure from the six inch screen and developed the Kindle DX. This e-reader failed to make an impact in the marketplace because it did not have a touchscreen and users complained about the full QWERTY keyboard and a primitive D-Pad.

In 2015 touchscreen e-readers are the absolute norm and Amazon is in the perfect position to make a larger screen device that would appeal to readers of all shapes and forms.  First of all, students would find something like this appealing. Amazon does have a digital textbook program where diligent young scholars could save up to 60% off the print price, also Amazon rents textbooks out too. Elderly people with vision programs, would likely pay the extra cost to have more screen real estate. Finally, the average reader simply wants something bigger to read digital comics, manga, e-books, newspapers and magazines.

All July we ran a poll on Good e-Reader, asking people if Amazon should make a larger screen e-ink device. 389 people took part in the vote and  42% of the respondents wanted something large than six inches. 24.16% said they like the six inch size the way it is, while 19.02% said they wanted a true next generation Kindle DX.

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