Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to Apply for the Kobo Insiders Program


Sometimes we all come up with great ideas on how an e-reader can be improved or how the e-book shopping experience can be more intuitive and robust. Kobo has been running a program the last year that lets hardcore e-reader owners have a voice and help chart the direction of the company. It is called Kobo Insiders.

Kobo Insiders is an online community where you can chat with other Kobo e-reader owners. You can also get involved in various beta programs for new features that Kobo is thinking of implementing, and provide feedback. Every month or so there are polls the company releases, asking about new design features for future products.

Kobo Insiders is a program that is normally invite only, but if you feel compelled to report a bug or suggest new features you can manually register by clicking HERE.

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