Sunday, July 5, 2015

There is Little Interest in the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3


Amazon has just released the Kindle Paperwhite 3 and it packs the same high resolution display as found in the flagship Kindle Voyage. Sometimes specs on paper aren’t everything and already many users are reporting that they like the old model better. Are you going to buy the Paperwhite 3? This is a question we asked our audience and there is a tremendous amount of apathy towards the new device.

Over the course of the last week 231 people responded to our quest to find out what the demand is like for the Paperwhite 3. The vast majority did not find the new Kindle appealing, 117 people said they won’t even consider buying it. 61 people said they are likely going to purchase it, while 45 people are on the fence and are waiting for more reviews to come in.

It seems like in the last few years Amazon releases a new device every year and most people are not upgrading to the latest and greatest. I know plenty of people who use four and five year old e-readers and are quite happy using them.

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