Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Introducing a Bookshelf with Built in Reading Light


When you read at night, often you need to turn on a lamp in order to read and then turn it off when your done. What if the light would automatically turn off when you were done reading? This is the thought behind the  LiliLite, which is an all-in-one bookmark, bookshelf and reading lamp, the device sits at that rare intersection of being functional and really nice-looking.

The shelf is made of steam-pressed plywood and bent in a way that accommodates both your to-be-read pile and your current pre-sleep pick, includes a light that turns on automatically once a book is lifted from the shelf. When finished, one simply replaces the book to turn off the light.

I think this bookshelf/light system is a perfect coupling: an ideal accessory for the avid reader.  It clears some bedroom clutter, keeps books an arm’s length away, and adds light right where it’s needed.

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