Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Privacy-Focused Blackphone Creators Planning For Tablet


The masterminds at Silent Circle understand how important privacy is to us; so much so that they created the privacy-focused Blackphone device. Now the company’s co-founder, Jon Callas, has announced that while that was their first device, it will not be their last. Details regarding what that device may look like, or what features it may carry were sparse, but Callas did mention that a tablet is already being developed.

Running PrivateOS, a modified variant of Android, Blackphone came to consumers in June. Boasting the ability to encrypt user data, this security-conscious device protects phone calls, texts, web browsing, and email. In addition, Blackphone comes equipped with utilities that allow the user more granular control over the access third-party software has on your device. It seems logical to expect that their upcoming tablet will feature more of the same considerations in a larger format.

We have no idea when it will be available to purchase, other than being told it will be “soon.” Price is also a big unknown, but Blackphone is among other high-end smartphones with a $629 tag when bought on a one-year contract –so it seems logical to assume their tablet will also be at the top-end. Being seen as expensive isn’t always a bad thing in the tech industry, but it may be a hurdle when the device doesn’t also come with Android certification (meaning it will not have access to the Google Play store and may have far fewer apps available for download).

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