Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rogers is Giving Away 2 Year Free Subscription to NextIssue


Rogers is a major investor of the Netflix for magazine subscription service Nextissue. The Canadian telecom company has just unveiled a new promotion that gives users a two year free subscription to either Nextissue, Shomi or Spotify.

In order to qualify for this promotion you need to have whats known as a Plus Plan, which includes data for your mobile phone and additional services such as voicemail and caller ID. If you already have this sort of plan with Rogers you can initiate an online conversation with a customer service agent and they will send you an email with detailed instructions on how to opt into getting the free digital content.

Nextissue traditionally has two plans if you wanted to pay by the month. Basic which gives you 100 monthly magazines per month and costs $9.99 or Premium which gives you the monthlies in addition to weekly magazines such as Enterainment Weekly and Sports Illustrated for $14.99.

I think two years of the Basic Nextissue plan has tremendous value for people who already do business with Rogers. It is basically the only way that Canadians can read unlimited magazines, other than Zinio. It is important to note that if you are changing your plan in the middle of the billing cycle you can opt into Nextissue right away, but if you are waiting until the next billing period you have to wait to get the subscription.

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