Thursday, September 3, 2015

Michael Bay Starting a Digital Comics Imprint


Michael Bay is best known for blockbuster Hollywood movies like the Transformers and Bad Boys. He is going to be starting a new initiative soon, interactive digital comics.

Bay’s 451 Media Group has set up an interactive publishing division which will create a series of graphic novels that will walk the line between traditional page turners and cutting edge digital media.

Nothing has been created yet, but Bay is tapping into a number of screenwriters to generate some buzz. Currently announced are Con Air’s Scott Rosenberg, Swordfish’s Skip Woods, The Wire’s George Pelecanos, Black Mass’ Mark Mallouk, novelist Clay McLeod Chapman, and visual effects artists Peter and Paul Williams.

451 will partner with online video network Machinima to distribute the content, starting with sneak peeks this summer. The actual graphic novels are supposed to debut at around the time of New York Comic Con in October.

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