Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Good e-Reader APK to BAR Converter is Back Online


The Good e-Reader APK to BAR converter was the worlds first online tool to easily convert Android apps over to the Blackberry format. It tremendously simplified the process for developers who wanted to take their Android apps and see how they functioned on Blackberry devices such as the Playbook, Z10 and Q10. The average person could also use this tool to download Android apps and convert them to see if they worked on their device. The Tool has been down the last two months, and is now back online!

Not only is our APK to BAR converter tool back online, but we developed a companion app for it too. A few months ago we made an online tool that allows you to download any app you want from Google Play. We recognized that our own App Store might not have every app out there, so we introduced our Google Play App Downloader Tool. It basically allows you to input the name of the Android app you want to download and it will instantly generate a download link. You don’t need a Google or Good e-Reader account to even use it, the process takes about 10 seconds.

Blackberry Playbook and Blackberry 10 users can now download apps from Google Play and then take the apps and convert them to the Blackberry format just by using our site. You don’t need complicated command line tools anymore or a Google device, you just need Good e-Reader.

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