Monday, September 28, 2015

Do you Dream of Sleeping Overnight in a Bookstore?


Many serious readers have dreamed about either living in a bookstore or sleeping overnight. You can read whatever you want having access to thousands of books, magazines and newspapers. A bookstore in Japan has listened and are in the process of organizing a sleepover.

According to Rocknews “a little over a year ago, someone in Japan tweeted that they would "love to live in Junkudo", one of the country's largest book store chains. Little did they know that someone at that very company would not only see the tweet but organized a sleepover called "Try Living in Junkudo."

The bookstore has an online application if you are interested in checking out. There will be a grand total of 10 lucky people (five pairs) to spend the night inside the Sennichimae Junkudo store in Osaka.  The event will occur on October 31st and will last the entire night.  Best of all, it will cost absolutely nothing to spend the night, but you will be expected to buy at least three books or magazines.

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