Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Apple News Not Available in Canada

Apple started pushing out their latest firmware update out today, in the form of iOS 9. One of the big things that Apple was hyping up almost six months in advance was their News AppNewsiPad, which replaces the Apple Newsstand. Sadly, this app is US only and is not available in Canada, something that Apple has failed to mention.

Apple disabled the Newsstand as part of the iOS 9 roll-out and relegated all of the old content to the far reaches of the App Store. When Canadians purchase an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad there is now no news apps out of the box, unlike our American counterparts.

I have no idea why a syndicated news app is simply not available outside of the US. Apple made it quite clear it was looking to give Flipboard and LinkedIn Pulse a run for their money. I was really looking forward to this app and refuse to make a US App store account just download one simple app.

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