Tuesday, September 29, 2015

64% of UK youth don’t Read e-Books


Youth in the United Kingdom are not very enamored with the entire concept of reading on a e-reader, smartphone or tablet.  The first survey from a new company called YouthSight asked 1,000 people what type of medium they regularly employed to read novels.  64% said they preferred print books, while 16% said e-books.

When it comes to electronic reading devices, nearly half of all of those surveyed (43%) said they read using their smartphones. The next most popular device was a Kindle, used by 34%, then iPad (27%), laptop (23%), other tablet (19%), desktop computer (3%).

The majority (64%) said less than £3 is the right price for an e-book, whilst 26% said they would be willing to pay between £3 and £5.

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