Wednesday, July 15, 2015

People Turn to Facebook and Twitter for Daily News


Do you visit dedicated websites anymore or are you reading the daily news on Facebook and Twitter? If you are turning to social media you are not alone, Pew has just released a new report that states 63% of US Facebook and Twitter users rely on the social networks as news sources, which is a  11% increase from two years ago.

These findings come at a time when the two social media platforms are increasing their emphasis on news. Twitter is soon set to unveil its long-rumored news feature, "Project Lightning." The feature will allow anyone, whether they are a Twitter user or not, to view a feed of tweets, images and videos about live events as they happen, curated by a bevy of new employees with "newsroom experience." And, in early 2015, Twitter purchased and launched the live video-streaming app Periscope, further highlighting their focus on providing information about live events as they happen. Meanwhile, in May, Facebook launched Instant Articles, a trial project that allows media companies to publish stories directly to the Facebook platform instead of linking to outside sites, and, in late June, Facebook started introducing its "Trending" sidebar to allow users to filter by topic and see only trending news about politics, science and technology, sports or entertainment.

I think the crux of this report is that more people are using social media more than ever for their daily news fix. The Pew report highlights that people tend to read individual articles from magazines or newspapers on Facebook, where Twitter is more indicative to breaking news coverage and following individual journalists.

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