Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kobo Aura Now Available for $99



Kobo and their retail partners have permanently lowered the price of the Kobo Aura to $99. This is a great e-reader because the screen is entirely flush with the bezel, allowing for a more fluid touchscreen experience.

The primary reason the discount is now perpetual is because of the recent release of the Kobo Glo HD. The new device is $139, which is the same price the Aura has been selling for.  You simply can’t have a device that was released in 2013 selling for the same price as the latest and greatest, so Kobo was forced to slash the price.

Canadians can get the Aura for $99 at Chapters/Indigo  and if you order it today the bookseller is throwing in a free $10 giftcard that you can use to buy an e-book. If you live overseas you can get the e-reader from Shop e-Readers who does international shipping.

I wonder if the price discount by Kobo means that the Aura will be discontinued soon.

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