Friday, July 31, 2015

14 Million Copies of Windows 10 Installed in 24 Hours


Yusuf Mehdi of Microsoft has confirmed that over 14 million copies of Windows 10 have been installed all over the world. He noted that not everyone who reserved an upgrade has gotten it yet, but says that people who reserved their copy should be getting it within a few weeks.

Not everyone is happy that Windows 10 is being sent on a staggered release schedule. This is resulting in people becoming quite irate that they reserved it months ago and still are not being able to get the free operating system. We posted a series of instructional videos HERE and HERE that allow you to download it directly from Windows Update or Microsoft.

Speaking of Windows 10 the first large collection of fixes, which Microsoft is calling Service Release 1 (SR1) is due to be released in early August, possibly as early as next week. While SR1 won’t include new features, it will fix some of the issues people have been experiencing with Windows 10.

After the initial patches and updates, Microsoft is working toward a bigger collection of fixes and feature additions for later this year. Tentatively scheduled for October, some of those additions will include a new Messaging app to provide Skype integration and extensions support for the Microsoft Edge browser.

Have you installed Windows 10 yet? Any thoughts on the brand new OS?

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