Friday, June 26, 2015

Amazon Wants you to Share e-book Previews with your Friends


Amazon wants you to start sharing previews and samples of e-books you like with your friends via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or texting. Your buddies who receive a share can instantly start reading right from their phone without having to make an Amazon account or install any software.

I think there are a few obvious benefits to this new initiative by Amazon. If you just read a book or are super excited about a new one that just came out you can paste a special link to Facebook or via any instant messaging service so they can read the first few chapters. What I like most about this, is that it is platform agnostic, even if your friends use Barnes and Noble or Kobo, they don’t need an Amazon account or to download the Kindle app for Android or IOS.

The second major benefit is primarily authors who want to promote their e-book by giving away a free sample via social media. Instead of spamming #buymybook, they could simply promote the book and hopefully get people hooked.

Visit to get more details, and to see a few examples from DivergentThe Book Thief, and The Hobbit.

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