Thursday, November 6, 2014

Unlimited Audiobook Subscriptions have Finally Arrived


Major publishers have finally warmed up to the entire notion of unlimited reading for a low monthly price. This has allowed Scribd, Oyster and Entitle to formulate solid businesses to cater to the needs of voracious readers. Audiobooks on the other hand have been a hard nut to crack, until now there has been little support for the concept of Netlflix for audiobooks.

Scribd has just unveiled an ambitious enhancement to their eBook subscription platform by including 30,000 audiobooks. Users do not have to pay any extra fees or hidden costs, if you have a subscription with them, you can listen to as many audio editions as you desire.

There are a number of notable audio titles at launch, including the Hunger Games, Ocean at the end of the Lane, The Spy who loved me, Brave New World and tons of other great content.

Right now Scribd charges $8.99 a month and is only available in the US. They are mainly focused on Android development with apps on Good e-Reader, Barnes and Noble, Google and Amazon. The company has promised a solid iOS app by the end of the year.

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